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W.T.D. 12.05.08

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Walking The DogIt’s time, once again, to get it off my chest, to let the brain out for some fresh air . . . time to “walk the dog”.

This is the last time I’m gonna tell you: hire MAYFLOWER, and stop renting “U-Haul-It” trucks.

If you want that package to get there, stop using “United Partial”, ’cause that just won’t get it . . . nor will it reach its destination.

“Swimp” is not seafood, and probably isn’t anything at all.  Speaking of which, “shrimp” is already plural without the extra “s” at the end.

Quite contrarily, there is, apparently, no such thing as adding the letter “s” to Asian words to make them plural.  All over my town I see signs that say “Two soda”, “Ten chicken wing  for two dollar”, etc.  “Learn the lingo before you go” – please make that your motto.

I’m still seeing some women walking around with sexy tops on and showing their bra straps.  Again – it ain’t sexy!  Take the bra off, hide the straps, or wear a different kind of top!

Where in the world are all my Caucasian friends and neighbors?  Where are all those Republicans that used to speak in passing?  You cannot stay in the house for forever.  You’ve got to come out for air sooner or later.  Stop counting and get over it – he lost!!!


That wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.  Half-way through, I decided not to go “buck wild” and just trash the world for ticking me off at times.  But, hey – get it together, people!!

As usual, I wish that I hated being “the angry Black man“, but . . . I don’t!  Peace.

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“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by Otis Redding

Walking the dog

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walking_a_dog-11Freedom loves to vent.  Not that I really care that some folks don’t want to hear what I have to say, or disagree with what I say, but, forgive me for bending your ears.  Sometimes, I sit and think about stuff and it just continues to ramble through my mind.  The only way to stop it, for me, is to vent, to let it out for some fresh air.  So, it’s time to “walk the dog” , as it were.  Remember that term.  Freedom coined it first.


There are many across the net who are adamant about the idea that although we elect leaders, it is up to us to do our part.  They contend that it is virtually impossible for our elected leaders to act without our help.  While I agree that we must do our part, as far as I can tell, we’ve already been doing our part.  I know that I have.  A lot of people struggle with the idea of going to a job each day that they hate, one that barely makes ends meet.   They do that while those who have taken the easy way out and have opted for a life of crime seem to prosper. Those who have children dress them properly, and see to it that they attend school, schools that, for the most part, leave a lot to be desired.  They spend countless hours seeing to it that their children understand and complete their assigned chores.  Those who have little or no healthcare are countless in number.  They fight through their illnesses, being unable to afford to see a doctor, as if the phrase no pain, no gain” refers to healthcare.

We, as the citizens of this nation, are powerless to pass any laws that will tend to our betterment.  The passage of laws that will insure that we are taken care of is totally in the hands of the elected ones.  We elected them to do the things over which we have no control.  If they do not provide quality education, affordable healthcare and sustainable employment, we suffer.  I say, yes, it is the job of our elected ones to take on the majority of the work that will make our lives better.  That is THEIR job!  Once elected, it is time for them to do THEIR job.  I tire of folks who continually spout that we must do our part.


Entertainment news is just as bad as that which can be termed as the regular news, if not worse.  It has a leg up on the regular news, in that, at least, it can mostly be avoided.  That’s not to say that we MUST watch the news or read the newspaper.  As much as I try to tune out the entertainment news, it always seems to filter through somehow.  I always end up reading about or hearing about some nonsense that Britney or Jaylo or whomever has done.  The majority, as in 99% of it, I don’t need.  I have no beef with the magazines that are out there.  There’s a simple solution to that:  don’t buy them.  Unfortunately, I can change the channel on the TV all that I like, but, that bullsh*t manages to filter through.  There’s a new thing going on that I’ve just come across during the last year or so which starts a sentence with We love her because . . .” , orWe like that he . . .” NOT!!!!  How do they transfer their love for  or hatred for someone from themselves to us?  I am quite capable of making up my own mind about who I like, dislike, or don’t care to hear about.  They flourish because the mindless masses eat it up and swallow it down whole.


For a long time, there has been a lot of talk about taking back our neighborhoods.  A great number of people seem to think that we need to get out in the streets and take on the thugs, drug dealers, and rapists on our own.  They say that without our help in identifying the criminals, our neighborhoods will never be made safe.  They contend that our neighborhoods are infested because we let them get that way.  In Philadelphia, there is a battle going on between two rivals “drug cartels” that plague a section of the city called North Philadelphia.  There is one group that controls Colorado Street and another that controls Chadwick Street, a scant few blocks apart.  Over the past few years, the bloodshed has been rampant.  Dealer after dealer has been gunned down.  In the crossfire?  The citizens.  I speak of citizens who are not involved in the drug trade whatsoever.  Some witnesses have been bold enough to come forth in an attempt at telling their story in court.  Of the few that have, most of them did not live to see that day.  They were gunned down by the despicable criminals that continue to take control of our neighborhoods.

The STOP & FRISK program was instituted by our Mayor-elect, Michael Nutter, which allows each police officer to make the decision as to what constitutes a proper and legal stop and search.  That basically allows them to act without restrictions in their pursuit of apprehending the criminal element.  Unfortunately, the only ones affected by STOP & FRISK are the law-abiding citizens who are guilty of nothing more than walking while Black.  I know each and every drug dealer in my neighborhood and watch them as they make their daily transactions.  I recognize the criminal element as I make my rounds through my neighborhood.  Why is it that the police are not that wise?  They patrol the same streets that I walk and see the same things that I see everyday.  Yet, we, the law-abiding, are the ones who are harassed, and falsely accused of apathy.

I have witnessed the dangers of trying to take back a neighborhood.  I have seen what happens to those who open their mouths and try to make a difference.  I’m not embarrassed to say that I will never be one of those brave souls.  My taxes pay for the salaries of policemen, detectives, and special crime teams that are supposed to protect and serve.  It is time that they do what they are paid to do, and stop goading the citizens to partake in such deadly adventures that leave citizens’ bodies lying in pools of blood.


Well, I got those few things off my chest.  I’ve vented.  I’ve “walked the dog”, as it were.  I wish that I hated being the angry Black man, but . . . I don’t.  Peace.

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