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W.T.D. 12.05.08

Posted in WTG (Walking The Dog) with tags , , , on December 5, 2008 by joelle blackstarr

Walking The DogIt’s time, once again, to get it off my chest, to let the brain out for some fresh air . . . time to “walk the dog”.

This is the last time I’m gonna tell you: hire MAYFLOWER, and stop renting “U-Haul-It” trucks.

If you want that package to get there, stop using “United Partial”, ’cause that just won’t get it . . . nor will it reach its destination.

“Swimp” is not seafood, and probably isn’t anything at all.  Speaking of which, “shrimp” is already plural without the extra “s” at the end.

Quite contrarily, there is, apparently, no such thing as adding the letter “s” to Asian words to make them plural.  All over my town I see signs that say “Two soda”, “Ten chicken wing  for two dollar”, etc.  “Learn the lingo before you go” – please make that your motto.

I’m still seeing some women walking around with sexy tops on and showing their bra straps.  Again – it ain’t sexy!  Take the bra off, hide the straps, or wear a different kind of top!

Where in the world are all my Caucasian friends and neighbors?  Where are all those Republicans that used to speak in passing?  You cannot stay in the house for forever.  You’ve got to come out for air sooner or later.  Stop counting and get over it – he lost!!!


That wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.  Half-way through, I decided not to go “buck wild” and just trash the world for ticking me off at times.  But, hey – get it together, people!!

As usual, I wish that I hated being “the angry Black man“, but . . . I don’t!  Peace.

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