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The Olivia Pope Scandal

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The white coat 01First it was the Tyler Perry debate.  Then it was the Kanye West debate.  I vowed that I was going to stay away from this debate, yet, here I am .  .  . again  .  .  .  going against the grain in the SCANDAL debate.  No shock here:  I HATE that show with a passion!  The first thing that will enter a lot of women’s minds who love the show is that I hate it because the lead character, Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) is having an affair with the president of the United States, a Caucasian man.  I can’t speak for any other Black man, but, I could not care less about with whom this woman is having an affair.

My hatred for the show is strictly because, in my opinion, the writing sucks.  To high heaven.  The first and most important thing that grates my nerves is that Olivia Pope is supposed to be this crackerjack who has such a discerning mind, who leads a team of similarly crackerjack minds, but we don’t see that.  The problem is that she completely blows their very first case in the pilot.  The argument that I have encountered is that her losing the case just shows her human side, that she, too, is capable of human error.  I would be alright with that supposition had that same “humanity” not been brought out in the very first episode.  It would have served the show better had she went on to crack cases, back to back, establishing the idea that she and her team were so fantastic.  After a few episodes or so, then they could have shown her vulnerable side.

The second thing that irked me, to no end, was the incessant babbling of each and every character on the team.  Every time a member of the team would speak, it would be an entire diatribe about whatever it was that they were trying to push.  It turned out to be one long, drawn out paragraph, devoid of commas, and sending me to my knees, begging for someone to drop a period in there.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  Perhaps it would have come off better if that diatribe had been made by just one character.  It could have been presented as a simple character trait.  But, everyone on the team?  Nah.  Not working this way.

I looked forward to this show before it hit the airwaves, with bated breath.  Forget the plot – Kerry Washington is a treat for the eyes, before even mentioning her acting abilities. On the night of the pilot, I sat, with my family, snacks in hand, prepared to be dazzled.  Instead, I  – we were so taken aback at the poor writing that was given to us to swallow – swallow like a huge, disgusting pill.  In my small circle of friends and family, I have seen mixed reactions to the show,  My sister, a Black woman, HATES the show.  My daughter, a black woman (who initially did not like the show, and is married to a Caucasian), hit me up on Facebook and said that she had watched it again and found that it’s not as bad as she had first thought.  Many other friends on FB have said that they have been successful in converting a few of their friends to become fans.  For me, I have to be convinced that a show is good by the pilot.  If I can’t be swooned by the very first episode, there is no going back for me.  Just my own little quirk .  .  . but mine to flaunt.

I am also a firm believer in the motto “To each their own”, when voicing my opinions.  For whatever reasons that I have for hating the show, can I please just be a hater without being verbally attacked for doing so, particularly if you’ve misinterpreted my reasons for disliking the show?  I realize that there are two tons of people who watch the show faithfully and love it to the max.  To that, I say, “Enjoy!”  I’m not one of them.  Having heard my true reasons for not liking the show, can I please just exercise my prerogative, be a hater, and still live in peace?  V.

copyright  2013  blackstarr

Operation Scare

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Wordle: operation scare 02

Here we go again.  My conspiracy theory tendencies had taken a back seat for quite some time.  By that I mean that I haven’t been seen on any street corners, perched upon a soapbox and warning the people of what awaits us at the next turn.  OK – not lately, anyway.  Make no mistake – I may be quiet, but the wheels are always turning.  No matter how I try to supress the urge to educate the people, it always seems to creep up on me and attack at the least expected moment.

I was listening-but-not-listening to the news just a few moments ago and I heard a story about AMTRAK and Homeland Security launching OPERATION RAILSAFE. It is touted as a plan to secure the rail corridors . . . complete with random security checks of customers and their baggage.  It started a few days ago with the announcement that it is not entirely safe for Americans to travel abroad at the moment.  The powers that be claim that terrorists have targeted certain high profile tourist attractions (particularly those that attract Americans) and said that although this is not a call for a halt to travel abroad, it is advised that extreme care be taken.

This is typical of a right winged, hawkish entity pushing their never-ending agenda to have the government take control of our lives.  I’m not outraged – it’s what they do.  What bothers me is that they pass laws such as The Patriot Act and initiate agencies such as Homeland Security with the public saying “Bring it on.  We need more security”.  The public becomes a willing pawn by being scared to death.  To further kick up my dander, the reporters stopped passersby at the train stations and asked how they felt.  Of those they showed, their answers all had the same pathetic feel:  “It makes me feel so much safer”. Wake up, people.

There is always a cry for increased security and it is always proceeded by some catastrophic event (or threat of the same): suspected terrorists arrested or explosives found in a foreigner’s home  (yes – by “foreigner”, I mean of Arab decent).   There’s even a new one in Washington. D.C. And I am saddened to say that these “tricks” works every time.  Citizens blindly give up their basic civil rights for what is perceived to be better protection from evil, when in reality, they are simply relinquishing their freedoms.

In an election year when right-wing politicians are desperately trying to unseat  their foes or fill seats that have been vacated, it is important that we look a bit closer at the things that candidates are saying rather than cower in fear that we will be destroyed if we do not relinquish our rights.  Our rights are much more important than some “perceived” threats that are thrown our way.  While it is important to maintain some level of safety and security in our nation, it is also important to remember what the forefathers of this nation fought for to begin with.

Wake up, people.  Please.


copyright  2010  blackstarr

emergency (re-posted for those who lost their lives)

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on 911 to the one,

we looked down the barrel

of a loaded gun.

i thought this might be

w w three,

no more me.

on 911 to the one,

aloofness became undone.

it finally hit home,

four shots straight to the dome:

two fatal shots, in nyc,

in pa, a flesh wound meant for dc,

in dc, one lay critical . . .

nothin’ personal . . .

strictly political.

on 911 to the one

we thought the lasers were locked on stun.

we got sucker-punched, erbody out to lunch.

we dropped to our knees and began to choke,

and our opponent disappeared

in a cloud of fire and smoke.

on 911 to the one there came a loaded gun,

with hollow tips, that brought us to our knees.

we screamed “oh my!!”,

released a sigh, wondered why,

and then we all began to cry.

on 911 to the one,

not a cloud, yet no sun.

we wallowed in the shadow of the enemies’ gun.

first came sorrow,

then our thoughts about tomorrow.

in less than twenty-four,

they had a name, so they claim,

and yet, they hesitated just the same.

on 911 to the two

will there be a me and you?

will they be caught with their knickers down,

to never even hear the sound?

will they continue to assume

that no real danger looms,

that we’re all simply sayers of doom?

perhaps it’s not too wise

to criticize those with watchful eyes,

whose jets no longer leave the skies,

while battleships dot our oceansides.

perhaps they’re locked and loaded,

mimicking C4: waiting to be exploded.

but on 911 to the one

we faced a loaded gun.

terror paid a visit to our home

with four shots straight to the dome.

we fell victim to a loaded gun

on 911 to the one.

copyright   2001  blackstarr

Bulletproof by Raheem Devaughn

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I told you!!

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Yeah, baby!!!

and the winner is . . .

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I’ve been “unplugged” for quite a while, now.  I’m still there.  I just dropped in to say this: I predict that Sen. Barack Obama will take the presidency by an overwhelming landslide.  There.  I’ve said it.  Sue me.  Peace.

still on the fence. WHY???!!!

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Unbelievable.  Two days and I am still appearing as the angry Black man.  Why do you make me this way?  It’s all over the net and as long as it has been going on, I am still perplexed with each passing day.  Earlier this year, there was a slew of candidates to choose from as the nominee for the office of president of the United States.  Now, just a few short months before the national elections, the situation has not changed very much:  there are some Black folks who are still in the “contemplation stage” regarding their vote in the upcoming elections.  I take comfort in the fact that in MY neighborhood, that IS NOT the case.

Earlier this year, I could almost see one’s point of indecision.  Notice that I say “almost”.  For me, I decided to vote for Barack Obama a month or two before he threw his hat into the ring.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  Still, I have given my people the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they saw something that  I didn’t see.  It’s now August and the slew is gone.  There are but two viable candidates:  John McCain and Barack Obama.  It should be back to a no-brainer, but, this time, not just for me but for all of my people.  Alas – it is not.  WTF??? Here are your two choices:

John McCain, a Caucasian, Republican a$$hole who could not care less about our people or anybody other than himself.

Barack Obama, a “somewhat” Black, Democrat, as yet unproven, but charismatic and promising at the very least.

That’s it.  There are no more candidates who will be able to win the election this November.  One of the two aforementioned candidates will be the president of the United States come January, 2009.  Not “might” – but “will” be, provided that nothing keeps them from remaining in the race.  Like it or not, that’s the way it is, and it is no other way.  What the f*ck is there to even think about???!!!

Sure – the fact that a “somewhat” Black man is in the running is no assurance that if elected he will do some good for my people.  We have witnessed Kwame Kilpatrick in Detroit breaking the hearts of all the Black people who put him into office.  We have Marion Berry smoking crack in the mayor’s chambers in Washington, D.C.  We even RE-ELECTED him after he was called to the carpet for his mind-expanding activities!  Yet, today we have what looks like a “good guy” who is, at the very least, “akin to my people’s skin” and some of them are still undecided as to whom they will support.  People, please!  An a$$hole named McCain who could not care less about your Black a$$, or a “somewhat” Black man named Obama. This IS NOT rocket science!! Get a f*cking life and for once, do what you know is right.  What the H*ll is your problem???!!!  Do you actually think that McLame really has some plan to relieve us of the pain and suffering that we are all dealing with?  Do you honestly think that we need eight more years of Republican leadership reign terrorism?

OK – so I’m just an angry Black man, but I still say “Get the H*ll off of the fence and stand on your own two feet!

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Day 9 (freedom is . . . )

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What manner of man is this?  From whence cometh he?  Just who the h*ll is this “Freedom” of whom they speak?  Could it be that he is from some other world?  Is he the long awaited . . . nah.

Seven days a week, I am an angry Black man. What, then, is an angry Black man?  This angry Black man is a man who is tired of racism, and racial discrimination, especially towards Black Americana.  This angry Black man is sick and tired of Black Americana using words that degrade Black Americana.  Since you all know the words of which I speak, I will not print them on the page.  A few days ago, I decided that I will figure out some other way to bring attention to one particular word, when necessary, without writing it down.  Taking his lead from Richard Pryor, Freedom will no longer let it be a part of his vocabulary (not that it was ever used that much by Freedom to begin with).  We need to obliterate those things which hold us down,  which hold us back, meaning the things that we do ourselves that hold us down and hold us back.  I’m not a fan of anarchy, so don’t go out there wiping out those other folks who hold us down.  That was NOT my meaning.

During those seven days a week as an angry Black man, I find time to write.  I have a novel that is close to being complete, and I will soon post a long excerpt from that very same novel for your literary entertainment.  The novel is entitled “Midnight Redemption” (copyright 2005  freedom).  The story concerns a private detective, Mike Drummond, who is rather inept at his job as a detective, but, is superb as a bounty hunter.  His finesse at bringing fugitives to justice keeps him knee deep in danger and waist high in “benjamins”.  He is on the trail of an international murderer who recently arrived in Philadelphia.  Like all pulp fiction detective stories, there is an extremely desirable damsel-in-distress who just happens to fall into the arms of an ever-ready Mike Drummond.  You will not want to miss such an exciting tale of mystery and international intrigue, so, don’t make me come looking for you.

Freedom is a father.  Freedom is the proud father of two children who will be graduating from college in May of 2009.  Freedom says that it has been a long uphill struggle to pull it off, but, he has always lived in a village, and there were plenty of elders and kin to help see him through.  Freedom says that he would not trade the journey that he has taken with the two of them for all of the tea in China, nay, all of the gold in Fort Knox. Wait – does Freedom realize just how much gold is in Fort Knox?  Does Freedom realize that he could BUY two more graduating kids?  Somebody wake that man up!!  Please!

Freedom is retired, and has no plans on doing much of anything else in life besides writing, travelling, and enjoying the company of a beautiful Black woman.  Yes – Freedom is heterosexual.  Sorry, guys.  Freedom is lazy, but, that’s because he can afford to be.  He says that he has put in his time, and has stepped aside to give the young bucks a chance at earning a living.  After all, Freedom is not greedy.  But, Freedom is lazy.  He once adopted the motto “Batteries included, no assembly required”, which pretty much described Freedom’s outlook on life.  That phrase was later dropped for the ever-popular “No pain. no mutha f*ckin’ problem”.

Come play with me, says Freedom.  I won’t bite, except sarcastically.  Freedom says “I promise not to hurt you, but, your feelings, now, that’s a different story”.  Freedom wants to be your friend . . . unless you’re a moron.  If you are, then he just wants to insult you.  And, what does Freedom say about passes?

copyright  ©  2005  freedom

Flava of the Day is “Poetry Man” by Queen Latifah

Day 3 (you’re fired!)

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We take to the streets and rock the vote.  We talk to our friends and relatives and make sure that they are registered.  We go to the polls and cast our vote.  What happens next?  I should ask what happened next.  We, the Democrats, took over the Senate and The House.  We now hold the majority in both places.  What followed was placing Nancy Pelosi in charge.  So, not only did we take control, but, we made history by having the first female Speaker of the House.  I admit that I haven’t followed her progress that much, so far, but, the bits and pieces that I have come across in the news lately prompts me to say “You’re fired, Ms Pelosi!!”

First, Ms Pelosi made the unabashed statement that “there will be no impeachment before the national elections”.  Rep. Dennis Cucinch presented a motion to impeach G Dubya and took it before his fellow politicians.  They, in turn, approved his idea.  Nancy Pelosi came along and sent the motion to a committee that is known for “killing-off” bills and motions.  Cucinich did what he was elected to do – serve the people and tried to make their wants and wishes come to fruition.  Ms Pelosi has taken her position and wiped out the requests of her constituents.  She has become an employee that is not worthy of the title and position that has been bestowed upon her.  Therefore, even with such a minor and swift evaluation, it is time for this worthless employee to relinquish her position and leave the building.

I wish I could say that firing her alone would be sufficient, but, that would be far from the truth.  A vote was taken this past Wednesday by the Senate that gave G Dubya one more victory in the sruggle between personal power and governmental leadership.  The bill which passed gave immunity to those telephone companies who gave up personal information on their customers to the NSA (National Security Administration) in their illegal wiretapping procedures.  The vote was 69-28 in favor of granting the companies immunity.  Since we have a majority in the Senate, that means that quite a few of our Democratic senators have also done us a disservice.

A spy was left out in the cold.  She was left in a field of hungry wolves, left to fend for herself.  Her name became public knowledge, making her job, as an agent in charge of protecting our country, an impossible task.  Those who perpetrated this wanton act of endangerment are, somehow, though not legally, protected by executive privilege.  One of those listed as being among the chief villains in the saga is Karl Rove.  The U.S. House of Representatives ordered him to appear before a U.S. Congressional Subcommittee and he has refused to appear.  What?! He’s still walking around as a free man.  What?! How many of us would be able to say “H*ll no!  I am not coming to court!!” and still be walking around free?  I can assure you that each one of us would be behind bars in a heartbeat.

I have to wonder about those of us who are shocked at the things that G Dubya does and gets away with.  Each time it happens, they are so surprised that such a thing could happen.  It should be no small wonder at all, what with the Senate and the House allowing the Republicans to do as they please with absolutley no repercussions.  The Senate, whom we elected, and the House of Representative, whom we also elected, have been remiss in thier duties and in their loyalty to those who hired them – us.  It’s time for us to look around for some new employees when November rolls around.  The presidency is not the only vacancy that needs to be filled.

Let’s do just that and to the Senate and the House we can say “YOU’RE FIRED!!”

copyright  © 2008  freedom

History In The Making!!

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i get ticked off. . . number two

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i get ticked off by ignorant Black people. i’m not talking about “ignant” Black people. “ignant” Black people can be intelligent, likable, angelic, or basically just like nearly any person that you’ve ever come across. they just tend to become “ghetto” from time to time. they tend to get loud. they tend to get drunk. they tend to get . . . on my nerves. that’s ok, though. they’re cool with me. it’s the ignorant black people who have a way of arousing an anger from deep within me that gets out of control.

what does Tony Montana have in common with Al Capone? he is beloved, mimicked, honored, adored, and has been quoted by ignorant Black people all over this nation. these ignorant Black people range in age from ten years old to thirty years old and beyond. the clearest display of such ignorance comes from rappers. they take on names like Tony Montana, Al Capone, Idi Amin, and countless other names of some of the most despicable people to ever grace the pages of history. they, somehow, come to the erroneous conclusion that those people are cool, that they are suave. the domino effect takes place in that youngsters look up to those rappers and because their “heroes” think that it’s ok, then it should also be ok for them (youngsters) to do the same. these ignorant rappers find no fault in glorifying evil personified, or with passing on that idiotic behavior to those who are all too willing to follow their every move.

Denzel Washington portrayed the notorious Frank Lucas in the film American Gangster (2007). i have not been able to follow the fallout which may have ensued, considering that the movie was a huge success. i did happen to catch Mr. Washington on Oprah when he was marketing another movie which came out the same year, The Great Debaters. memory fails me, as i don’t remember the exact question that oprah asked, but, the response from denzel washington, regarding the character frank lucas, was something to the effect of “he wasn’t a bad guy. he was just a clearly focused man.”. coming from denzel, i was taken aback. i surmised that it was probably said with sarcasm (was it?). nevertheless, I took it at face value. if young America (old for that matter) looks up to anyone, denzel washington would be the king of all celebrity worship. for him to make a remark of that caliber with such a nonchalant attitude is irresponsible at best.

at a special Los Angeles screening of the movie, Denzel Washington said “you know i don’t like to categorize – good guy, bad guy. one has to decide for one’s self who the bad guy is in this film, who the gangster is in this film”. admittedly, that is a bit milder than the statement made on Oprah, but, come on . . . it makes a lesser mind wonder whether Lucas was actually a bad guy and whether or not his actions are worth imitating. again – irresponsible gibberish from a total icon. it’s one thing to watch, in awe, movies such as Scarface, American Gangster, and The Godfather. the flip side is to emulate their antics in real life – i.e. becoming dastardly, real-life characters and finding themselves behind bars for a very long time, or find themselves paying the ultimate penalty of ignorance – death.

i get ticked off by ignorant Black people who idolize gangsters and “bad guys”. i get ticked off by ignorant Black people who then proceed to pattern their lives after such heinous criminals. there were some extremely bad-assed Black people in recent history who are more than worthy of emulation. of all the Xs, of all the Hueys, of all of the Angelas, and of all the H. Rap Browns, who do the ignorant Black people choose to immortalize?

freedom says that no one gets a pass.

copyright © 2008 freedom –

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