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The Sounds of Silence

Posted in social commentary with tags , , , , , , , , on December 29, 2008 by blackstarr

eaglesp-2I have more respect for those who jump on the bandwagon and shout “Go Eagles!” than I do for my “fair-weather-EAGLE-fan” (FWEF) friends.  All they ever do is complain about His 5-ness and A. Reid.  Every time something goes wrong, all you can hear is their mouths.  The EAGLES started out slowly with two wins and three losses.  My FWEF friends said “That’s it – you may as well throw in the towel.  Your season’s over.” WHAT??  There’s eleven more games to be played!  How the H*ll is the season over?  They won three straight games and guess what we heard?  The sounds of silence.

There was nada, nothing, nathan, zip, zilch, and zero.

You couldn’t get a peep out of them.  Then came the infamous tie.  Out of the woodworks came the FWEF friends, spouting venom about dipping His 5-ness and A. Reid in tar, rolling them in feathers, and running them out of town.  They complained that A. Reid’s play calling was the worst ever.  They intimated that His 5-ness had seen better days and won’t be seeing more.  We went on to win three in a row . . . again, and once more, there was the silence of the slams.

There was nada, nothing, nathan, zip, zilch, and zero.

I finally came to realize that all they wanted was a reason to complain.  Well, The Lions ended up with zero wins friends-01and sixteen losses!  Pack your bags, move to Detroit, and complain away.  I’m sick and tired of all the nonsense.  Those of you who wish to just sit back and comment on every bad thing that happens, then please – find another team to root for – leave us loyal fans alone.  Here we are, once again, headed for the playoffs.  A. Reid hasn’t changed his play-calling one bit.  His 5-ness is still doing what he does and it’s that same strategy that has gotten them to this point.  It would be nice to see them go all the way.  But the reality of it all is that I don’t care if they don’t win another game.  I don’t care if this coming weekend sees them go down in flames.  They beat the SNOT out of the DALLAS Cowbums – a whopping 44-6!! They have made the playoffs for seven out of ten seasons.  There are some teams who are still waiting for their first chance at a playoff game, a chance to play post-season.  There are those who have never won their division.  There are those who have never won the NFC Championship.  Among those that haven’t, you will not find the EAGLES . . . because they have!  They have gone to The Superbowl . . . twice.  Before there was a Superbowl, they won three back-to-back championships – the last two being the only two back-to-back shutouts . . . EVER!

detroit-lions-01I’ll say it again:  If you want something to complain about, pack your bags and move to Detroit.  You’ll have plenty to grumble about.  For now, continue with your silence and allow me to enjoy the EAGLES’ days of glory in peace.  I had the perfect song for you FWEF friends, but, I decided not to post it as there are no expletives deleted and it might just get me into hot water.  So, go to the CD entitled “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)”, play track number eleven (11) on the first of the two CD’s and you’ll get a feel for what I REALLY have to say to you all.  Peace.

BTW – did I tell you that I was in . . .

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“The Sounds Of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel