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Overheard (1)

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President Barack H. Obama (January 20, 2009):

“F*ck what ya heard!

Git your a$$ up off my property!”

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“No Tresspassing” by Mr. Hill

Hang on, there, Skippy!

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obama-smileyGuess who’s not angry, today?  Right – me.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  I’m not about to burst into a chorus of “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”.  But I’m, at least, not angry.  “Why is that?”, one might ask.  It’s because it’s just sinking in.  I’m just starting to get it, just starting to get it that he won.  Yeah – my son and I had our election night party and witnessed it from beginning to end, but, today, it’s just beginning to sink in.

I am a bit miffed – not angry – that so many around the net are chastising our president-elect even before he has had a chance to unpack.  So many people are expecting so much, and rightly so.  However, I think that we need to give the man a moment to gather his thoughts before we crucify him so quickly, especially considering the fact that he had not yet been given a chance to show what he’s got.

When my kids were young, we went to every – and I do mean EVERY – school program that was held.  Keep in mind that my kids grew up as “perfect angels”.  That’s no exaggeration.  I spanked my son one day while at the mall when he decided to “show off”.    My son’s spanking came when he was six tears old, and he’s now twenty-three, with nary a spanking in between.  In her 21 years, I’ve never had to physically chastise my daughter.  “Perfect angels”.  Be that as it may, my mother has always had a very annoying habit of “judging” us by the works of others.  That is to say, she would see other children acting up, and immediately go into “If I ever catch you acting like that I will give you the whoopin’ of your life, you hear me?” Neither me and my siblings nor our children were ever allowed to produce any back-talk, but, in our minds, there was but one thought:  “Why are we being reprimanded for someone else’s bad deeds?”.  I see the same type of “reprimanding” taking place with our president-elect.

“So, are we going to find out that this change was nothing more than a different face in the Oval Office?”

“This change that he talked about had better not be some run-of-the-mill trick that we’ve all seen before!”

“As quickly as he was elected, he can be taken out of office!”

People, chill for a minute, would ya??!!! Let the man make a grave mistake before you reprimand him.  Let him prove that he is no more than another politician with a silver tongue before you remind him of how he made it into office and how easily he can be removed.  Let him show us that he and his crew is, indeed, not ready to lead before you get all up in arms about being reminded of previous administrations.  Or, . . . or even better than that . . . think about it . . . why don’t you give him a chance to show us that he is, as he said, “Change That We Can Believe In”.  Peace.

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Quite appropriately, I present “Give Me Just A Little More Time” by The Chairman Of The Board

Obama 08 Smiley Face from FLICKER.

and the winner is . . .

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I’ve been “unplugged” for quite a while, now.  I’m still there.  I just dropped in to say this: I predict that Sen. Barack Obama will take the presidency by an overwhelming landslide.  There.  I’ve said it.  Sue me.  Peace.

Day 5 – the (ir)responsible press

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I took extreme offense to the cover of Vogue, which showed LeBron James alongside model Gisele Bundchen.  The picture, to me, immediately brought to mind King Kong and Fay Wray.  It brought to mind the very picture that America likes to portray when it comes to African-American males:  a monster of a being who endangers the lives of white women.  I considered it an insult.  Most of the brothers who chimed in on the discussion at the time, also saw it as offensive, and the same image came to mind.  Only one or two sisters agreed, but, for the most part, they seemed to think there was no discriminatory undertones about it.  That debate raged on for quite a while, and, as with a lot of debates in cyberspace, ended with “agreeing to disagree”.  I was pleased enough that one female was persuaded to change her views after having heard the reasons that the brothers gave. Along comes the July 21st issue of THE NEW YORKER.  It’s entitled “The Politics Of Fear”, and is said to be a simple lampooning of today’s political scene and Obama’s right-wing critics.  The cover (shown here) is about as tasteless as one can get.  It’s one thing to attempt a bit of humor and satire,  but, I believe that this goes overboard.

There is a segment of the population in America that is deathly afraid of Black Americana.  Now that one of us is up for the presidency, hate-mongering imagery is the last thing we need in the struggle to not only gain the votes of those who have not made a decision, but to keep the votes that are already promised.  If there is doubt still in the minds of some of white America, this cover may help see to it that they make up their minds quickly – and run with wing-ed feet to the McCain camp.

Obama spokesperson Bill Burton was given the following explanation by a New Yorker staffer: “The cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Sen. Obama’s left-wing critics have tried to create”.  If there was previously any failure of the left-wingers to create that image, then, The New Yorker’s cover will see to it that just such an image will get out to the American public.  Of that population who fears Black Americana, there are those who truly believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  After all, the press said so.  There are those say that His wife, Michelle, is unpatriotic.  Note the flag burning in the fireplace.  Note the picture of Osama Bin Laden hanging on the wall.  The media is gospel.  If the media alleges that Sen. Obama and wife are anti-American, then it must be so.  If the media implies that they are both a threat to the American way of life, then, by all means, it must be so.  This is irresponsible “journalism” at its very best, and as you can see, I am hard-pressed to call it journalism.

At the time this post was being made, Sen. Obama had not issued a statement in either direction.  If you know me at all, you now that he has been my choice for president since the early days of his campaign.  That being so, it still irritates me that Mr. Obama always remains so cool, calm, and collected.  I am waiting for him to fly off the handle and give some one an old-fashioned cussin’ out.  In fact, I’m waiting for that day when Obama threatens to whoop some a$$.  Although that might be nice, we know he’s got way too much class for that.

The spin doctors from both sides of the fence will perform their magic and it will all blow over until the next derogatory item comes this way.  Obama will weather the storm as he always has.  THE NEW YORKER will sell more copies than the law allows.  Obama’s diehard followers will declare that it will not hurt him in the end.  I’m one of those diehard followers, but, I’m not so certain that it will do no damage.  I believe that there are people who truly believe that if the media prints it, films it, or records it, then . . . it must be so.

No one gets a pass in my house, not even THE NEW YORKER.  If this keeps up, there won’t be a decent enough rag left in America for me to read.  It pains me more that THE NEW YORKER knows just what it is capable of producing: irresponsible “journalism”.  freedom is out.

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History In The Making!!

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