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Day 3 (you’re fired!)

Posted in politics with tags , , , on July 12, 2008 by joelle blackstarr

We take to the streets and rock the vote.  We talk to our friends and relatives and make sure that they are registered.  We go to the polls and cast our vote.  What happens next?  I should ask what happened next.  We, the Democrats, took over the Senate and The House.  We now hold the majority in both places.  What followed was placing Nancy Pelosi in charge.  So, not only did we take control, but, we made history by having the first female Speaker of the House.  I admit that I haven’t followed her progress that much, so far, but, the bits and pieces that I have come across in the news lately prompts me to say “You’re fired, Ms Pelosi!!”

First, Ms Pelosi made the unabashed statement that “there will be no impeachment before the national elections”.  Rep. Dennis Cucinch presented a motion to impeach G Dubya and took it before his fellow politicians.  They, in turn, approved his idea.  Nancy Pelosi came along and sent the motion to a committee that is known for “killing-off” bills and motions.  Cucinich did what he was elected to do – serve the people and tried to make their wants and wishes come to fruition.  Ms Pelosi has taken her position and wiped out the requests of her constituents.  She has become an employee that is not worthy of the title and position that has been bestowed upon her.  Therefore, even with such a minor and swift evaluation, it is time for this worthless employee to relinquish her position and leave the building.

I wish I could say that firing her alone would be sufficient, but, that would be far from the truth.  A vote was taken this past Wednesday by the Senate that gave G Dubya one more victory in the sruggle between personal power and governmental leadership.  The bill which passed gave immunity to those telephone companies who gave up personal information on their customers to the NSA (National Security Administration) in their illegal wiretapping procedures.  The vote was 69-28 in favor of granting the companies immunity.  Since we have a majority in the Senate, that means that quite a few of our Democratic senators have also done us a disservice.

A spy was left out in the cold.  She was left in a field of hungry wolves, left to fend for herself.  Her name became public knowledge, making her job, as an agent in charge of protecting our country, an impossible task.  Those who perpetrated this wanton act of endangerment are, somehow, though not legally, protected by executive privilege.  One of those listed as being among the chief villains in the saga is Karl Rove.  The U.S. House of Representatives ordered him to appear before a U.S. Congressional Subcommittee and he has refused to appear.  What?! He’s still walking around as a free man.  What?! How many of us would be able to say “H*ll no!  I am not coming to court!!” and still be walking around free?  I can assure you that each one of us would be behind bars in a heartbeat.

I have to wonder about those of us who are shocked at the things that G Dubya does and gets away with.  Each time it happens, they are so surprised that such a thing could happen.  It should be no small wonder at all, what with the Senate and the House allowing the Republicans to do as they please with absolutley no repercussions.  The Senate, whom we elected, and the House of Representative, whom we also elected, have been remiss in thier duties and in their loyalty to those who hired them – us.  It’s time for us to look around for some new employees when November rolls around.  The presidency is not the only vacancy that needs to be filled.

Let’s do just that and to the Senate and the House we can say “YOU’RE FIRED!!”

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