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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – today’s music listeners are fickle, if nothing else. They’ll love you today and hate you tomorrow.
In 1990, the group En Vogue consisted of Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson, and Terry Ellis.

En Vogue sold over twenty (20) million albums and singles worldwide. They have won seven (7) MTV Video Music Awards – more than any other female group in MTV history. The group spent 2800 weeks on various BILLBOARD charts, and were nominated for five (5) Grammy Awards. Their debut album, Born To Sing, was released in 1990, with the single Hold On reaching number two (2) on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Lies and You Don’t Have To Worry went to number one (1) on Billboard’s R&B Chart. Later, Don’t Go made it to number three (3). The album finally became platinum certified.

1992 gave us Funky Divas, which went multi-platinum, selling more than three (3) million copies. The album produced five (5) noteworthy singles: My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It), Giving Him Something He Can Feel, Free Your Mind, Give It Up Turn It Loose, and Love Don’t Love You.


From 1994 to 1996 the Funky Divas had a lot of downtime, recording only alongside other artists including Salt N Pepa and with numerous other female vocalists on a song entitled Freedom for the soundtrack of “Panther”. In 1995, Terry Ellis recorded her solo album Southern Gal. Was this the beginning of the end? Not ones to be counted out so easily, they returned in 1996 with the song Don’t Let Go (Love), which was recorded for the soundtrack of “Set It Off”. The single reached number two (2) on the Hot 100, number one (1) as an R&B single, and went on to become platinum certified. Unfortunately, it was the last album featuring Dawn Robinson. The group’s third album, EV3, bombed. Despite their failure, a world tour was planned. It was soon canceled after poor ticket sales. As a result of bad sales on their fourth album, Masterpiece Theatre, the group was dropped by Elektra Records. Maxine Jones left the group in 2001 to put a better focus on her family. She was replaced by Amanda Cole, who was soon after replaced by Rhona Bennett. In 2003, Cindy Herron went out on maternity leave and while on tour, the group replaced her with original member Maxine Jones. By 2005, it had been eight (8) years since Dawn Robinson left the group. Re-enter Ms Robinson. Later that that year: re-exit Ms Robinson. Dawn Robinson actually returned once more in 2008 alternating lead singing with Rhona Bennett while on tour.


Aside from the public’s fickle-heartedness attitude, I believe that one of the things that hurt them more than anything else was their frequent personnel changes. I adored En Vogue from day one – as a group of hot vocalists, as well as a menage of beautiful, sexy women. Their music lives on in my heart and I continue to play their music. Despite my loyalty, we still managed to witness their fade to black. Peace.

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“Right Direction” by En Vogue