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until she reveals her face (part 2 of 8, from “A Tincture Of Tellurium”)

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I live a sequestered life, for I fathom no reason

to give my precious love to one who is not the one.

She who is the one

has inscribed her being upon the walls of my soul.

Her eminence is forbearing:


would be an absurdity;

her authenticity

will be unmistakable;

when she appears, I will know.

She will have so rare a beauty that it will astound me.

She will come to me, emanating a trace of evil.

She will administer my fatal injection of ecstasy.

So, I wait, enduring my life in solitude

until she reveals her face to me.

When the night comes,

I close my eyes,

and, I feel her presence.

She is liquid persuasion.

In times of silence,

I perk my ears,

and, she speaks to me,

having the resonant voice of romance.

When i envision my future,

the intricacies of her beauty are fully displayed,

and, my zeal increases, as my ecstasy will not be long delayed.

I live my life sequestered, as if saving it

for some anointed one.

Is no one worthy but she?

Would not love . . . even mere interaction with others

be but dissipation, knowing what the future holds?

I dare not gamble.

surely she is toxic, absorbed in evil,

but, I will patiently endure my life in solitude

until she reveals her face to me.


copyright  1997  blackstarr

wasted membranes

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i get high on crystal meth;

i get stoned, like a soul picnic.

wasted membranes,

you’re gone,

and i’m left with twisted grey matter.

she’s my pusher, wide open,

and ready for action.

she, her, they.

i know it’s you,

but do you trip like i do,

on the vapor trail?

get busy child, trip like i do.

i’m jaded, i’m faded, i made it

to a place

where darkness veils

when all else fails,

and darkness is the mask

that hides us all.

it’s been three days,

and, now, I’m starting over.

there’s high and low

and crystal meth is high

and twisted matter is low.

and i know it’s you, but you

don’t trip like i do.

bound too long,

you know it’s hard,

or do you?

you’re wild, sweet and cool,

wide open

and ready for action.

i get high on crystal meth;

i get stoned, like a soul picnic.

i end up with wasted membranes.

and i know

you’re right,

but i’m left

with twisted grey matter.

copyright  ©  2008  blackstarr


“Busy Child” by The Crystal Method

Drunken Stupor

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i’ve fallen!

i stumble home as the sun comes up,

drunk as cooder brown,

puke still dribbling down

my chin.

the key won’t fit, and out comes a “sh*t!”

car key, door key,

why me?

now who the h*ell has

moved my couch?!

ouch!  that hurt!

as i hit the floor,

i’m laughing loud and hardy,

as i recall

“i’ve fallen and i can’t get up!”

laughter overtakes me and i say it again.

but i get up just the same,

can’t even remember my name,

and this sure ain’t no pretty picture.

never again, oh, never again,

i promise the porcelain god.

i swear, I swear – never again!

just, please, make it stop!

i sit there, gathering my composure,

stinking of gin,

wondering when

i’ve felt like this before.

right:  last weekend,

me and a no-count friend.

oops!  here comes that ‘tini, again.

that one was apple.

wasn’t there a cherry one down there?

that’s the one that needs to come up for air.

one shoe off, lying on the bed,

one too many drinks in my head;

room still spinning,

and i’m still grinning at something that

wasn’t nearly that funny.

so, how much money did i spend this time?

i swear – if you make it stop,

i’ll never do this again.

please, oh please . . . make it stop!

copyright  2008 © blackstarr (aka freedom)

“Mama Told Me Not To Come” by Three Dog Night

W.T.D. 01.05.09

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walking the dog 01

Well, I’m not really walking the dog, today. I’m more or less clearing the old brain cells of leftover nonsense from the year that has recently departed. Never let it be said, however, that I am not the Angry Black Man anymore, because I am and ever will be. Today – I’m just not feelin’ it.


I want to welcome everyone to 2009 and offer my sincere wishes that this will truly be your year and that when it’s all said and done, this will be the year that finds you in the place that you’ve always wanted to be. God willing, it will surely be my year. Don’t even ask me about New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I’ve broken so many before that I am currently banned by Pennsylvania law from making any more. So . . . don’t ask.


Way across town, in the neighborhood that I once (or twice) lived, I always drive past a store with the most peculiar name: JUST ROSES and MORE. WTH? I still shake my head at that one.


I often ponder, as well as ask the question, but never do I get an answer: Why is it that we park in the driveway and drive on the parkway? Why is that? Huh? Why?


Speaking of hoochies, I came across this little gem a few days ago. > click here < Put that outfit on and I guarantee you that you can lounge around on my sofa all summer long and I will not be mad at cha for doing so! That is like seriously sensual eroticism. I don’t remember where I got that photo, but, I removed all of the extraneous letters in the URL and went to the main page – don’t do it!! It is some crazy all-out porn!!


Sensual eroticism? I admit that to be a phrase which borders on redundancy. So . . . how’s about a few oxymora (plural of oxymoron) to help you get started on your busy day? For me, they are always good for at least a hint of a smile. Here are three that guarantee a chuckle from yours truly: original copy, the same difference, and the ever wonderful military intelligence. Try these on for size:

pretty ugly

only choice

clearly confused

plastic glasses

Stop by FUN WITH WORDS for more delicious words and phrases that should never be in the same room at the same time.


FLY, EAGLES, FLY! ‘Nuff said.


I am not and will never ever be politically correct, nor will I practice semantics. For me, it is what it is. I call people “retarded” because it is my term of endearment for those who say things in an “out-of-the-way”, original manner that makes me smile. I call women “fat” by way of a compliment because I simply adore “fat” women. They bring me joy. “Fat” is just not a bad word in my vocabulary. It’s not that I am trying to be insensitive when I say such things, it’s just that . . . it is what it is. I make no excuses nor do I pardon myself for the things that I say and the way that I say them. OK, except when it comes to you ladies – you get me every time. Therefore, I apologize in advance for what flows from my feeble brain: when it comes to logic, for the most part, women just don’t get it. Why is that? It’s because (according to the experts) women function mostly with the emotional and creative side of the brain (creative – that why ,again, according to the experts, women are so much better at lying than men – creative brainwaves). Men, on the other hand, for the most part, think more with the logical and reasoning side of the brain. There are opinions for and against each of those thoughts and there has never been a definitive answer as to which is better.

It’s all neither here nor there as all of that was merely a segue into the idea of opinions. Yes – this little missive is not about women and their reasoning, but, rather, about opinions. The group is The Doobie Brothers. The track is “What A Fool Believes” (go ahead and click – I know you can listen and read at the same time). Most importantly, the line from the song is “What a fool believes, no wise man has the power to reason away”. That means that with all of one’s PhD’s, all of one’s street knowledge, and with all of the wisdom in the world, one still does not have the power to dispute what a fool believes. In the context of the song, a fool has fallen in love with a woman who doesn’t even know that he is alive. In his mind, however, he believes that she loves him back and that she is his. If we remove “fool” and insert “person”, the line becomes relevant on an even higher level. I don’t know if this was intentional, but, nevertheless, it is a coup d’etat.

The bottom line is that one person’s opinion is not subject to another’s judgment. An opinion has absolutely nothing to do with truth, fact, or reality. That being the case, opinion can never be disputed. When we see comments written about the things we post, we ofttimes see “IMO” or “IMHO”, the “o” standing for “opinion”, of course. When you see that, take a deep breath, then exhale, and remember that it is merely one man’s opinion and nothing more. There is actually no need to rebut. There is no need to be angry because their thoughts differ from yours. There is even no need to make them see the light. They are merely expressing their opinions, key word being “opinions”. If we take that forth with us into 2009, if we can relieve ourselves of even the slightest iota of stress from our existence, then, it means one more iota of peace and serenity put into our lives, even if for just a moment in time. I know – touchy-feely, but, hey. Peace.

copyright © 2009 freedom

Once again, my favorite “Breathe”, by Telepopmusik . . . enjoy

Thank you so very, very much.

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Thank you so very much Sharon, The True Urban Queen.  Thanks for the opportunity to write some more.  Thanks so much for making my brain work overtime.  No . . . really.  Thanks . . . a lot.

So, basically, I’ve been tagged, and this one is a long one, so have a seat, if you please.


Ten (10) random things about moi:

queen-l 1- I detest cold weather.  I overdress for it to insure that I am not cold when I go outside.  I stay inside as much as I possibly can.

2- I was once a fantastic dancer.  They called me “Mr. Wiggles” and “Slinky”.  I was truly agile.

3- I am rarely seen in something other than dress pants, dress shoes, and on most occasions, a tie.

4- I love sit-coms.  I hate the “situations”, but, love the “comedy” which ensues.

5- I am the middle child (older sister, younger brother), otherwise known as “the forgotten child”.

6- I was born on a Friday.  Is that why I always shout “TGIF!”?

7- I love to write.  Sorry – I LOVE to write!

8- I drink either coffee or Mountain Dew all day long, seven days a week.

9- I hate fast food and rarely eat it.  When I do indulge, it’s either for a Triple Bacon Cheeseburger from BURGER KING or a huge roast beef sandwich from ARBY’s.

10- I love to hear Queen Latifah sing.  My favorite by her is “Travelin’ Light” .

Nine (9) ways to win my heart:

tights-05 1- Know how to cook the things that I like.  It’s one thing to be able to cook, but, if it’s not something that I like, it’s virtually a waste, now, isn’t it?

2- Dress like a hoochie but act like a lady (when we are together).  I love a classy lady, but I also like skin.

3- Assume that I am right, and save us both a bit of time.

4- Give some personal input on the poetry and novels that I write.

5- If you’re smarter than I am, try not to flaunt it 24/7.  Part of the day is OK, but, not all of it.

6- For six, seven, eight and nine – review item two (2).

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1- See the pyramids.

2- Return to Jamaica for my third and last trip.

pyramids-giza 3- Lounge around on a nude beach in Negril, Jamaica.

4- Dive from the cliff at Rick’s Bar (Negril, Jamaica).

5- Expatriate to Paris, France . . . just for three weeks or so – too many responsibilities here.

6- Attend my children’s college graduations (May, 2009)

7- Fall in love, again.

8- Write and direct a movie (sounds like some copycatting, huh?)

Seven (7) ways to annoy me:

1- If you’re not sitting up under me, at home, in your bra and panties, show your bra straps.  I HATE THAT!!!!!

2- Chew on ice in my presence.

3- Make me watch a LIFETIME

4- Make me watch reality shows.

5- Chew with your mouth open.

6- Clutter up my space.

7- Don’t answer when I call your name.

Six (6) things I believe in:

1- GOD.

2- Cleanliness.

3- Neatness.

tuxedos-03 4- My abilities.

5- Being a gentleman.

6- True love.

Five (5) things that I am afraid of:

1- Snakes.

2- Losing my sanity, particularly to Alzheimer’s Disease.

3- Being embarrassed in public.

4- Being in very close, tight corners (claustrophobic big time!).

5- Being buried alive (slightly different from number 4).snakes

Four (4) of my favorite things:

1- My female muses.

2- Writing.

3- Female breasts and their “nibbles”.

4- Swimming.

Three (3) things I do daily:

1- Drink coffee.

2- Write.

3- Take two or three long walks (rain, snow, sleet, or hail).

Two (2) things I want to do within the hour:

1- Finish this dad-blaned post!!!!!!

2- Thank Sharon.  Really.  No, I mean it.


One (1) person I want to see right now:

1- My longest running female friend and muse.


D*mn, that was long!!!  Hey, Sharon – thanks, babe.  Really.  Thanks so very, very much.

I didn’t tag anyone because I don’t think I know enough bloggers like that.  So, if you haven’t been tagged, tag yourself and join in the fun.  Seriously – it’s a lot of fun.  No, really.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

“They Just Can’t Stop It (The Games People Play) by The Spinners

Photos are from various sites on the web.  If any belong to you and you wish them removed from this site, please let me know and I will remove them.

“We all wanna be big, big stars”.

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oscarI recently responded to one of SHARON’S comments with the notion that blogging allows us to see things as others see them and as a result, sometimes, our views are changed.  Keeping with that flow, I’ll add that by visiting other blogs consistently, we are allowed into each others’ worlds and get an understanding as to who they are.  So, let me tell you a well-kept secret about Freedom:  over and above being a writer, he’s also an actor.  That’s right – I was in the movie “INVINCIBLE”, about Vince Papaldi, a bartender from Philly, who wanted to be on the EAGLES’ football team, tried out, and reached his goal.  By some odd quirk of fate, I’ve never seen that movie to date.

I was on the set again this past Sunday in an action-adventure film, and it was an experience, to say the least.  The temp here was about 20 degrees, and we were filming outside.  Oh, btw, I’ve actually only played extras in movies, so, I’m not really an actor, I was just frontin’.  However, by being on he set, it allows me to get the inside scoop on making films, as that is my true desire – to one day make a movie or two, or three.

The reason that I mentioned the extra work in movies is that in this failing economy, with so many folks out of work or in between jobs, it can become a lucrative venture, with a minimum of work.  Yes – Freedom got paid for being a nameless, nearly faceless body in a movie.  So can you.  There is no experience necessary, and there is little to no upfront money to put out.  Now, when I say “upfront money”, I simply mean the expense of obtaining an 8×10 glossy of oneself and getting it to the right people.  Two things that are definitely required are a driver’s license (or state photo ID), and a Social Security card (not a copy, nor just the number – but the card itself).  Where does one start?  First, you GOOGLE “casting directors” for your city.  Beware:  casting directors are in for the money and are always offering classes, seminars, and the like at a fee.  Unless you plan to make acting a career, don’t waste your money – non-participation does not disqualify you for work.  Secondly, you visit their webpage and sign-up (it’s free).  At that point, you can sit back and wait for a call or you can check back now and then to see what’s happening.  Oftentimes, they have a “cattle call” in which they put an ad in the paper asking for extras to show up.  Therefore, it pays to check.drama-masks

Here’s a little tidbit to remember:  just because you qualify, don’t be too quick to join the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). I currently have three (3) film credits, which qualifies me to become a member.  First and foremost, the entry fee is $2277, plus a yearly fee of $58!!  Secondly, after becoming a member, you are only allowed to do “extra work” a few times during the year.  That means that if you intend to make “extra work” a lucrative venture, joining will not be of much benefit to you.  There are, however, advantages to being a member of SAG, such as preferential treatment, no long lines to stand in, and prominent parts in movies.  I have no interest in obtaining a “featured” role, therefore, I never joined.  To be forthright about it, unless you intend to get into the field of acting, I’d say don’t bother.

A typical day on the set as an extra involves hours of reading your favorite book, catching up on homework or that office work that you brought home, or finishing a ton of cryptograms puzzles.  Yes – there is an awful lot of “downtime” and waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  Needless to say, one has to have a bit of patience.  This past weekend, as I stated, it was 20 degrees outside.  The building in which we waited (appropriately named “holding”) was cold.  We filmed on the subway and IT was cold.  On the set of “INVINCIBLE”, we filmed during the summer.  We sat in a non-covered football stadium with temperatures soaring to 104 degrees!!!  Believe it or not, I enjoyed the heat.  I hated the cold of this past weekend with a passion.  Why did I endure it all?  Did I mention that Freedom got paid?  For doing nothing?

There is another very valuable perk to being on the set – the food!!  Breakfast is usually very boring.  Lunch mostly turns out much better, but the dinners!!!  Oh, the dinners!!! If you are lucky enough to get called to a major motion picture set, bring your appetite and hope that filming runs through dinner time.  You won’t regret it in the least.

Well, there you have it.  Are you out of work or in between jobs?  Do you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands?  Most work is done on the weekends, so if you work but have weekends off, it can still be of benefit to you.   So, what in the world are you waiting for?  Get out there and get your 15 minutes of fame!  GOOGLE!!!!

Like COUNTING CROWS say in “MR. JONES”: “We all wanna be big, big stars”.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Links that I’ve used for the Philadelphia area:  Diane Heery Casting, and  Mike Lemon Casting

Drama masks from Kempners.

Oscar photo from


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cell-sony-ericsson-w910i1I have struggled for the longest time with the idea of purchasing the iPhone.  One of the reasons for holding off is that I have never been too thrilled with AT&T ‘s rules as a carrier, although they may have changed their rules by now.  I suppose that their services aren’t the worst case scenario.  I do love the touch screen and the available apps that APPLE has to offer, but, it can only be used on the AT&T network.  After so long a time, Apple has now come up with the 3G version, but, still, I’m disappointed.  It, like its predecessor, lacks one feature that I’ve always wanted: two cameras – one on the back and one on the front.  Why two?  The camera on the front is for “video-calling”.  Imagine not only calling someone on your cellphone, but, actually being able to see them, as well.  Yeah – you can do that with a laptop that is equipped with a webcam, but – not quite the same type of mobility.  I’m talkin’ DICK TRACY innovation.  I’m talkin’ twenty-second century technology today.  I’m talkin’ about catchin’ her nude . . .


This is great stuff!  So, why hasn’t it hit the markets by storm?  I’ll offer up my son as Exhibit A.  Ever since he discovered text messaging about a gazillion years ago, he has abandoned the idea of picking up a phone for anything other than texting.  He NEVER calls unless I was to pick him up, and he’s wondering where I am.  And, of course, for money.   Why bother making a voice call, when you can just “text it”?  He’s hopeless.  So, I went to my brother’s oldest daughter (21) and, excitedly, told her about these fab “smart-phones”.  I asked “Wouldn’t it be great to talk to AND see someone when you make a call?”  Her eyebrows formed that unmistakable look called “You’ve gotta be kidding, right?” , and I knew that, once again, I was barking up the wrong tree.  I guess I’ll just have to blame it on this new generation.

cell-samsung-blackjack2There’s another very valid, very pertinent factor that you may not be aware of.  Remember when SONY first introduced their first video-calling phone?  No?  OK, how about SAMSUNG?  OK – NOKIA is one of the most popular cellphone companies in the world.  Surely you remember when NOKIA introduced their line of video-calling phones, right?  Well, I ‘fess: neither of those companies has (nor have any other companies) ever launched any ad campaign, touting such blatantly ahead-of-its-time-technology.  It’s a pity that they didn’t, as I, for one, think it’s such a great idea.  I’ve come across about fifty or more such phones.  Over and above their non-advertising, the prices of the phones range in price from about $300-800 and above!  Add to that the fact that both ends of the conversation must be equipped with such phones.  Now, we’re talking double the price.

Until those prices come down, and a lot of my friends and family have invested in a “video-calling” smart-phone, I guess I’ll have to settle for less.  There is the GOOGLE G1 over at T-MOBIL.  It has a touch-screen and sells for around $180 (after a deal with T-Mobile) or $550 unlocked (usable with most cell companies).  And, of course, there is the “non-existent” BLACKBERRY STORM from VERIZON that I truly love.  I was having a great deal of fun with “non-existent”, as it was not yet available, even though VERIZON shamelessly put it up for sale anyway.   But, alas, now it hits the stores on 11/21/2008.  As wonderful as they both are, as is the iPHONE – no video-calling.  I guess I’ll have to leave the on-the-fly, peek-a-booing up to Dick Tracy for now.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Gives new meaning to the song “I’d Really Love To See You Tonight” by England Dan & John Ford Coley

Now, that’s gansta!

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98_buick_skylarkWarning:  I’m not angry, today.  So, it’s time for some old crazy sh*t.  It starts with my brother and I.  My little brother, who’s bigger than me.  My younger brother, who’s wiser than me.  He and I like to check out the cafes, sip on a cup, and contemplate the solutions to the world’s problems.  We do it with class, we do it with style, and we do as often as is possible.  Today being no different, he says that he’s coming by to pick me up to check out this new cafe in my neighborhood and – to show off his new ride.  He gets here and when I come to the door, all I can ask is “WTF??!!”.  My little brother, my younger brother, my partner in crime done gone gansta on me!  He bought a Buick Skylark.  This car doesn’t have any tinted windows, nor rims (which he says he needs), but what makes it gansta on one level is that it has a 1000 watt amp in the trunk.  It’s pumpin’ out beats like crazy.  What makes it gansta on a whole ‘nother level is that the music that I hear is LIL WAYNE.  By itself, that’s nowhere near gansta.  But, my little brother, my younger brother in his fiddies, “married with children”, one credit away from his PHD, blastin’ some LIL WAYNEnow, that’s gansta!

Rap has been lost on me for quite some time.  I still chill with my Jay-Z, Tupac, and Biggie, but, for the most part, Rap has been dead to me for a long time.  I like my music “homegrown”, and as a result, make my own mixes on my MP3 player and kick it like that.  Before today, you could have offered me a thousand dollars to name one Lil Wayne song, and you’d still have that money in your pockets.  That’s how out of touch I’ve been with “over-the-airwaves” music.  I like to hear what I want to hear when I want to hear it.  That was before my “gangsta” brother showed up at my door, today.

lil-wayne-01For those of you not from Philly, I live in the heart of a ghetto neighborhood known as West Oak Lane.  It’s West Oak Lane because there is an East Oak Lane.  I like to think of East Oak Lane as ghetto suburban.  It’s an almost up-and-coming neighborhood, smack in the middle if the ‘hood.  We stop in at this quaint little cafe and it’s all that we had expected.  The coffee was great, and the atmosphere was superb.  There was also an added treat, one of life’s little unexpected treasures – they served Spinach Quiche.  I haven’t have any kind of quiche in many a year.  I know that some say “real men don’t eat quiche”, but to that I say “whatever”.  Made MY day!  After contemplating the world’s troubles and their respective solutions, we decided to take a leisurely drive to extend the get-together a bit longer.  Besides, this family man of a brother  of mine was free as the breeze for a while longer, today.

Back in the Buick Skylark, he turns on the CD player and LIL WAYNE starts up again.  Now, believe it or not, up to that point,  – wait for it: I had no idea who it was that was winding his way through the sound system!  So, my little brother played song after song, amazed that I was so clueless.  I was , indeed, clueless, yet, amazed myself at how much I liked what I was hearing.  As he dropped me off at home, he gave me the CD  (“THA CARTER III”) so that I could check it out fully, and save it to my PC.  I haven’t done that, as yet, but, before the day is out, I certainly plan to do just that.

I looked back on my brother’s life and the times that he’s endured.  Like everyone else, he’s had his share of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, and setbacks difficult enough to make a grown man cry.  But, through it all, he’s managed to always find a way to let a smile come through.  I could think of many ways to describe the way that I see his life thus far, but, someone else came up with another way to describe it, a better way, as it were: that’s the way you let the beat build . . . b*tch! Now, THAT’S gangsta!!  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

“Let The Beat Build” by Lil Wayne

Photos from and, respectively.

Advocatus Diaboli

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For months I have tried, without success, to secure an interview with The Devil.  Unfortunately, it has always been his attitude that when words get put down on paper, it is difficult, at best, to refute what has been said in the past.  Therefore, it behooves him not to grant interviews.  I was referred, instead, to one of his most devoted workers, The Devil’s Advocate.  I must say that she was alluring, seductive, and most enticing.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Freedom :  Thank you for the interview.

Devil’s Advocate:  Whatever.

What does your job entail?

Good question.  Let me first say f*ck what ya heard – I am NOT the Devil’s advocate.  “Advocate”, as used here, is a misnomer.  I mean, I do not speak for him – I speak for myself and myself only.  But, you know what really gets my goat?  “The Devil is the author of confusion”.  NOT!  That is my claim to fame.  That is my sole job: confusion.  I am the author of confusion, not the Devil, but I.  It’s the age-old story – worker does all of the dirt but the boss gets the credit.  I guess that’s just part of that being-a-team-player-bullsh*t.

Well, alrighty, then!

That kinda makes this interview a bit of a contradiction for me, as I am not one for promoting clarification.  I get my greatest pleasure when I confuse people.  Smoke and mirrors gets me so hot!  I am a master –  mistress, rather – of taking things out of context and making them appear totally different than what they actually happen to be.  Therefore, as it should be stated, I am the author of confusion.

Most say that your role is simply as an agitator, a debater of sorts.  How true is that assessment?

It’s basically without fact.  While that is the role that I initially take on and the face that I show, the real deal is that in the end, confusion reigns and my job is done.  Sure – I start out with the idea that I will take an unpopular side just to get things rolling, but, that, again, is just smoke and mirrors.  Once the debate is in full swing, the primary point is then twisted beyond repair and recognition.  That’s what I’m really about.

So, then, you’re just a perpetrating, deceitful vixen?

OMD!! Why, thank you!  You are ever so kind!  You left out “liar”, though.  I know – everybody always says “The Devil is a liar”, but, that’s just not true.  I mean, think about it.  The Devil makes a point of telling the truth:  “I’ll make you a star, and in return, you give me your soul”, “I’ll make you rich in return for your soul”, or  “I’ll make you beautiful if you give me your soul”. That’s pretty much cut and dry.  He actually speaks the truth, tells it like it is.  On the other hand, I am an outright liar.

(Her legs were crossed.  She did a “Sharon Stone” on me and reversed the position of her legs.  OMD!! Eyes agog, I continued.)

Do you consider yourself a “minion” of the Devil?

Sorry.  It’s been real, but, like, I gotta run.

Run?  It’s only two o’clock.  You said you’d give me ’til 3.

Well, that’s just me being me.  You know, confusion and all that?  You’re on Eastern time, and I was talkin’ Central time.  What can I say?  Peace.

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Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones/The Neptunes – The video.

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“When you own the information, you can bend it all you want.” – John Mayer from “Waiting On The World To Change”.

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Wake up, and smell the coffee.

Posted in humor, just for the bull of it, social commentary with tags , , , , , , , , on September 11, 2008 by joelle blackstarr

Grumpiness.  Grumpiness.  Grumpiness.  Those are the three main side effects of not consuming one’s daily dose of caffeine.  Fortunately for me, I have experienced that feeling on only a few occasions in my life. – and it’s been a long life so far.  EVERY  morning starts with my first of many cups of coffee, the java bean, the cup-a-joe.  I’ll have it no other way.  That’s a serious addiction – one that I do not strive to kick any time soon.  I just came back from a short walk to the Dunkin’s that sits a few blocks from here.  I am late.  Very late.  I’m not grumpy, though, because I knew that my fix was sidetracked for but a moment in time.  I knew that the aroma that I love so much was only seconds away.

There are “people who drink coffee” and there are “coffee drinkers”People who drink coffee have little concern that they are desecrating the very sanctity of all that coffee is.  They poison it with different flavors that the coffee bean’s commercialization has deemed “hip”.  They stifle it by asking for it by it’s various insipid names:  frappachino, iced coffee, and the like.  Coffee drinkers will not be having any of that nonesense.  For us, coffee comes only one way: regular.  That can come in the form of decaf, as some of us can get a bit high-strung, as it were, but anything that is more of a deviation than that is pure sacrilege.

Dunkin’s is not one of my favorites, but, it is, at least, walkable from home.  There is no better coffee than that which comes from a diner.  That is what most would consider some strong coffee.  My buds and I would tap our cigarette ashes into our cup-a-joe, continue our conversation, and continue to drink that same cup-a-joe until the cup had been drained.  That’s how good diner coffee is.  I should say “there was no better” and “how good diner coffee was.  Back in the day, real coffee was served in a real ceramic cup, or, if you desired take-out, it was served in a paper cup.  Even in a diner, these days, coffee is served in a styrofoam cup – pure and simple desecration, once again.

For the life of me, I cannot see what millions of Americans see in Starbucks‘ “coffee”.  Coffee?  Try “the Devil’s libation”, “mud juice”, or perhaps “H*ll in a cup”.  To me, that is some of the nastiest liquids ever designed to be consumed.  Blech!!!  Not only is the mess nasty, but, it’s as expensive as H*ll.  My brother swears by it, and from time to time, I will find myself seated at one of Starbucks‘ tables along with my brother consuming this so-called coffee.  In Manhattan, there is nearly a Starbucks on every other corner.  Millions of Americans consuming that abberation on a daily – nay – hourly basis.  How sad.  I have been, for the last ten or so years, into the habit of making my own coffee, faithfully each morning when I arise.  Actually the making would be done the night before.  Only pressing the “brew” button was done upon wake-up.  I decided that I would save some coffee, as I would find myself drinking one cup, and never returning for a second or third cup.  This was merely due to my recent surge in taking care of urgencies, as opposed to not wanting my follow-up cups.  So, I started taking that walk to Dunkin’s for my morning cup.  That actually saves on the amount of coffee that I use.  However, I also find myself taking that second and third walk back to Dunkins before too long.

The blogsphere is kinda like an early morning cup of java – it gets one started in the A.M.  I start my “online experience” by visiting a few of my favorite blogs to see what is being posted for the day.    Grumpiness.  Grumpiness.  Grumpiness.  Those are the three main side effects of not having my daily dose of my favorite blogs.  I am slowly, but, surely coming back around to posting just about every day.  When I do, I trust that others will find that they need a dose of my blog to get them going.  I’ll let you in a little secret – my real name is “joelle”.  That is usually shortened to “joe”, as it were.  Therefore, liken reading my blog each day to “consuming a cup-a-joe”.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

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