mission statement

i would like to be a part of the faction on earth that assists in obliterating racism and racial discrimination from our lives.  i wish to maintain a space where folks can engage in debate about any subject matter, particularly those which have an impact upon Black Americana.

although I am semi-educated, fairly well-read, and highly intellectual, i am also a product of the ghetto in which i was born and raised, and in which i still reside.  i am not a proponent of  existentialistic banter, semantics, phycho-babble bullsh*t, political correctness, or that touchy-feely nonsense.  it is totally welcome here at all times, if that is your platform, but, if at all possible, please leave that sh*t at the door.  what freedom means is just tell it like it is and be done with it.  be forewarned that i’m not impressed with your book-learning, high-priced words, nor your social or economic status.

in the event that you don’t know why – it’s because freedom declares that nobody gets a pass . . . not even you.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

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