grown folk

this playground is for grown folk.  if you don’t like what you see, please take your toys and go home.  we mean you no harm, but, that’s just the way grown folk play.  you may leave comments as long as there is no hate propaganda or pornography.  if you do . . . you will be axed!!  how’bout that?  seriously people, we’re grown up in here and we should all be able to take criticism without the tears.  we’re gonna play nice, but, we gonna keep it real. 


if that statement was about you, please go home . . . now.

and BEFORE you hit that submit button, think about the consequences and the feedback that it is bound to bring.  but, say what you will, if you dare.  it’s real simple: if it don’t fit within the guidelines – you’re outta here.

’cause this my joint, that’s why!  peace.

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