about me

on any given day of the week, there’s no tellin’ who i am.  some days, i’m just an angry Black man.  OK – most days.  on other days, i’m just a silly clown who wants to make you smile.  come back on another day of the week and i’m a romantic poet, a rhythmic lyricist, a purveyor of all things written.

i happen to have been born in 1952.  i don’t look my age, but, i certainly act it . . . well, most of the time.  i’m extremely vocal about politics and don’t mind offering up my views, regardless of your opinions of the same.  a quote from my sis that says it all for me right now:  “to save time, let’s just say i’m right”.


21 Responses to “about me”

  1. hey man, u voted your conscious – i can only respect that and will never second guess that. will know that u are aperson of integrity – thats what counts

  2. I like integrity. Thanks. I have my my moments, but, you certainly have yours everyday. Please don’t ever change. Peace.

  3. Gene A. Baxter Says:

    My car is not ganster….yet. Check out Stanzell Paris, the creater of the new Tribute to Music Mural in North Phila. Holla. Poorman.

  4. I finally found it (Parris Stancell). Missed the dedication – it was yesterday 11/18. Of course, it’s awesome, as usual, gangsta. Peace.

  5. Just over here lurkin- lol.

  6. Wow! How’d you know it was me (name and email already filled out!)?? Anyway—I’m just over here lurkin’ like I do at field negro’s crib…I like the look of your digs. BTW, I’m 56, too.

  7. I like lurkers – you’re always welcome.

    Susan – it’s magic! I didn’t get a link, though. Stop back soon. Peace.

  8. “Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s magic, you know…never believe it’s not so!” (by some white group.) Maybe if I do this (Check the “notify” box) you’ll have a link. I’m just learning all this new stuff.

    Thanks for the welcome. I’ll be back.

  9. I’ll be waiting. Still no link – how about an e-mail? Peace.

  10. Hey there freedom! I hope things are well with you;)

  11. They are always well with me when I hear from you. Peace.

  12. Hi Freedom… just popping by to say I dig where you’re coming from. Saw your post on Chocl8t Diaries today.


  13. yoy50 – Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Philosophia Says:

    I love your blog! Do you feel “free” when you say/write what you want?

  15. Yo, AE – we gotta talk about that censorship thing you’ve got going. You probably have some great gems just waiting for the world to enjoy. I am certainly hoping to see some of your work. Keep in touch. Peace.

  16. Philosophia Says:


  17. Philosophia Says:

    I want to write about things no one talks about. I want to write what no one says. I don’t want to say things without really saying anything. I want to write out what things are, not what they might be. A postmodern critique (might) offers little for navigating the post 9-11 world (are). Maybe that is a start. I will keep working at it.

  18. Hey there, its’ good to hear from you, it’s been a long time. Hope everything is well and take care. moe

  19. So good to hear from you, as well, and even better to re-connect. See you soon. Peace.

  20. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a prosperous year!

  21. Tee hee! Thank you! I will try. Peace.

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