Words With Friends – the big “debate”

WWF two      I don’t know where the word “cheat” entered into the debate on how to play Words With Friends (WWF), but, there is no such thing.  I can only imagine that somewhere along the line, someone was dismayed that their opponent was using an “aid” and in retaliation, made a post accusing their opponent of using a “cheat”, and the word has been used ever since.  Fortunately, one CANNOT “cheat” in WWF. The game is run by computer, which decides whether or not a word is valid – it is not up to a player to determine.  Therefore, every word that is accepted after you hit the “play” button is valid.  The one thing that a lot of people fail to acknowledge is that WWF is NOT Scrabble!  The two games have different rules.  In Scrabble, you are given tiles with which to play.  You are to look at them, and, from memory, form words and make a play – no aids are allowed whatsoever.  In WWF, there is no such rule.  Fact is, ZYNGA, THE MAKERS of WWF, actually GIVES you a link that shows all words which are eligible words in the game of WWF (here is a link for all of the eligible words – the original link doesn’t work properly).  That ALONE should make people understand that using aids in the game of WWF is allowed.  No where in the official rules does it say that using aids was a violation.

Anagram 1

     When I first started playing WWF, I used that very list, taking a very long time to look up words that match the tiles that I had been given. The only difference with that and using an anagram solver is that the anagram solver does the work for you, in infinitely less time.  I understand that people have the option to plays the game as they see fit, but, accusing people of cheating is very annoying.  It usually starts with a word being played by their opponent, one which is not very common, and generally not used in daily speech. The person then uses the chat feature to send their opponent a message to the effect “I refuse to play with cheaters!”, then promptly resigns.  A more sociable approach, one that would certainly satisfy me, is to use the chat feature at the start of a game, and politely ask your opponent if he or she uses any helpers or the internet to play the game.  If their reply is “yes”, then say that you’d decline, resign, and leave it at that.  Everyone has a right to play the game as they like, which I respect – but, there is no need to be rude.

     Aside from the fact that some people simply have closed minds, I don’t understand why this debate continues on, ad infinitum.  For those of you who like to play the game and would like to play to win and would like to raise your scores, here is a link to some anagram solvers that are available at GOOGLY PLAY (Android only – as I don’t have an iPhone, although there are solvers available for iPhone, as well): Anagram Solvers   My personal favorite is Scrabble and WW Friends Helper.

Do you play?  Hit me up at “blackstarr_”  (“joelle blackstarr” on FB) or “starr1952” – either way, I’ll (try to) give you a run for your money.

BTW – I use an anagram solver to boost my points, so be aware.  Peace.

copyright 2013  blackstarr freerealm@gmail.com

One Response to “Words With Friends – the big “debate””

  1. I don’t use any aids but that’s because I choose not to. I use WWF as another tool to keep my mind active, that is all. It doesn’t really matter to me whether I win or lose. It serves it’s purpose and that’s a win for me :-).

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