“when” (excerpt from Black Woman)

When I hold a BLACK WOMAN in my arms,
the world is mine.
There is nothing more that I could want for.

When I hear a BLACK WOMAN tell me that
she loves me, my life becomes complete.

When I look a BLACK WOMAN in her eyes,
it is my glimpse into paradise.

That is when I
feel her warmth,
when I
hear her magic,
when I
see her majesty:

When I feel the softness
of her skin caressing my own,
a feeling of exuberance overtakes me.
The ebony skin of a BLACK WOMAN
is more radiant than a diamond.
Her skin is richer than fresh cream.
has a softness like that of windblown clouds.

When a BLACK WOMAN speaks,
and her words drift into my ears,
I am no longer a void, no longer alone.
When the words that she speaks
express her love for me, I find a completeness,
and total satisfaction.

Her words are not just phrases,
nor sentences, nor mere thoughts,
but, their sound is
their sound is

My heart, and,
even my soul,
can feel the piercing stare
When her eyes meet mine,
I am
The eyes of a BLACK WOMAN
peer into mine,
and, they are filled
with love,
yet, they can be clairvoyant:
crystal balls . . . knowing, reading.

When I hold a BLACK WOMAN in my arms,
I feel the warmth of her embrace,
when I hear a BLACK WOMAN speak my name,
I hear the magic in her voice,
when I see the beauty of a BLACK WOMAN,
there is majesty in her face.
I have but to speak the words:

copyright  1997  blackstarr


Black Magic Woman by Santana

photos from la2day.com and wallpapersgalaxy.com

9 Responses to ““when” (excerpt from Black Woman)”

  1. I’m feelin’ this new wedsite. I like the format and your work is on the one as usual. Hope all is well and keep on doin’ what you doin’

  2. So glad you liked, thx for stopping by. See you again soon, I hope. peace.

  3. Sageview Blogger Says:

    Wow!!! What a BEAUTIFUL Black Woman…. Much Respect

  4. Thank you. This is part of a very large poem which is my tribute to the beauty of the Back woman. Glad you enjoyed. Peace.

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..deep.

    Keep writing…
    much love…

  6. Hey, Fab! Welcome to wordpress. I missed you guys. It’s good to reconnect. Thx for stopping by. Peace.

  7. Blessings my friend, its been a while….
    mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, have mercy, i am loving this……

    Had to come for a second taste….
    much love, visit me some time eh….


  8. Can I know the model’s name, please? I’m working to a graphic work and she is perfect! 🙂

  9. I’m afraid I don’t know her name. The photo came from la2da.com. Thx for stopping by. V.

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