Death Of An Angel

My wonderful, loveable mom passed last night.  No matter how much you prepare, death comes as a shock.  She wasn’t in the best of health but she got around easily and rarely ever complained about anything.  Just a few short hours before, she was wrapping up the last of her Christmas presents, laughing and passing on one of her many tales of days gone by.  We stood there in the hospital, my sister, my brother, and me, in total disbelief that our rock, our greatest love had made her way into heaven.  I miss you already, but, you’re safe now, in the hands of the Lord.  Ehrlean Baxter, I love you now and ever.  Peace. freedom 2009

5 Responses to “Death Of An Angel”

  1. I am sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. Thank you for your kindness.

  3. My prayers are with my family. I will miss the first aunt on my father’s side who embraced me, the sentiments of items that once belonged to her mother she gave me when i was a young girl. I am thankful we were able to speak on the phone and communicate by email in recent years. Rest in peace Auntie.

    I love and miss you.

    Mary/South Carolina

  4. These are the difficult comments to write. Though we bloggers are known for talking our heads off in response to news going on in the world or just in our lives, it’s just always hard finding the right words in moments like this. All I can say is that I’m terribly sorry to hear your loss and that I pray for God’s grace to fall on your family. Stay encouraged, brother.

  5. Thanks, cus. She is missed already.

    Andre – Thank you for your kindness. You found the right words. Thx.

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