Equality In Amerikkka

equalityRichard Poplawski is a white Amerikkkan who killed three (3) Pittsburgh policemen on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  After a four-hour stand-off, he was taken into custody.  Let me say that again, in a different manner, so that you will fully comprehend:  he shot and killed three (3) policeman and was taken into custody.  When I heard the story and the outcome, I didn’t even have to wonder – I knew that he was white.  A man shot and killed three (3) policemen, and was taken into custody.  My bad – a WHITE man shot and killed three (3) policemen, and was taken into custody. Alive.  Not dead – alive!!  Only in Amerikkka!!!

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Biko by Peter Gabriel

UPDATE: Hindsight is 20/20 – more appropriately

I Shot The Sheriff by Bob Marley

13 Responses to “Equality In Amerikkka”

  1. Freedom, thank gawd I’m not the only 1 who was tripping off of that story. DUDE SHOT THEIR HEADS OFF…and he gets shot in the damn leg. ohhhhhh, now we have fu*cking humane police officers? if it were Jamal, Tyrone, Jerome, Juan, Carlos, Vhong-Lee, all the kings horses and all the kings men wudn’t be able to put that minority shooter back 2gether again. bullshyt. only in amerikkka. and I’ll NEVER say the pledge of allegiance cuz it’s not applicable to us. the shyt just sounds good to say!

  2. Jamal, Tyrone, et al would be in body bags as we speak. There is no justice – just us. Peace.

  3. Here’s the deal. I’m white and while I will agree with you 100% I gotta tell you , I don’t even LIKE cops, but there is no way that guy should be alive!

  4. First of all . . . awesome photography!

    I’m no lover of the boys in blue either, not for quite some time. I think the inequity in this country is despicable. Equal punishment for equal crimes (see coke dealers’ time in prison vs crack dealers’ time – way off the chart).

    I do believe that the perp should have been brought in alive, but I think that all perps – regardless of color – should be talked down whenever possible. It seems that when the perp is of color, the police have no alternative but to kill. Thanks for chiming in. Peace.

  5. i think what gets me, is that he killed police officers. i mean is dude going mysteriously die in custody? disappear off the face of the earth?? shyt’s suspect to me

  6. First…thanks man…photography is my passion…im blessed to have the job.

    I dont know about equal punishment but I do know what we have is not tough enough and never will be because of bleeding heart liberals.

    Remember like ten years ago that kid that was over in some asian land and tagged some building or something and was sentenced to being caned (whipped). I bet they have not had one incident since then…because they dont put up with crap and we do here.

  7. Bria – It’s reasonable to expect that he will somehow be found “hung in his cell”. That, in itself (reasonable to expect), is pathetic.

    Paul – We have “tough enough” but the problem, as I see it, is that there is no equity. The example that I stated before is that cocaine dealers get less time for selling drugs than crack dealers. Why is that? Both drugs are harmful, addictive, and deadly. If the penalties were the same, I bet we’d see the prisons filled with more than just Black faces.

  8. I am going to stay mum on this subject. . .I find it all sad regardless of race or if they were police or not.

  9. Sharon – Yes, it is all sad, regardless of race – but had it been a person of color, the perp would have most certainly killed instead of talked down.

  10. Only in America. I pray for the comfort of all the families of every Black man that was wronly killed by the police, no matter his alleged crime. I know their hearts break every time they hear a story like this one. It’s amazing to me that everytime a mass killer of any race except for a Black/African American is never described by his skin color in breaking news reports.

  11. There have been so many, so many.

  12. IMO had he been a person of color he would not have made it to officer #3 because a swat team would have been there to take him out after shot #1. He would have been shot in the back 51 times and sodomized in front of the neighborhood children. My sarcasm is not meant to be funny at all. 😦

  13. That’s what I’m trying to tell the world. There is no equity when it comes to people of color, whether law-abiding or not. We never get “talked down”, just stabilized by way a bullet. So true – he would not have even gotten to officer # 2, much less #3. Peace.

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