Some entertainers hit you like a ton of bricks.  For me, one of those would be Michael Jackson – His One-ness.  I was already “up in age” when The Gloved One hit the airwaves.  Even so, I was one of those nuts who would sit idly by the radio, hoping to hear his latest single.  I sat anxiously in front of the tube after they had announced the day for the debut of his next music video.  Remember when Thriller was about to debut?  WOW!!!


Well, this isn’t about His Strangeness – this is about someone else with whom I am super-fascinated – BEYONCE!  Ever since the demise of Destiny’s Child, I have been an avid fan of Her Wonderfulness.  I love the way that she dances, I have caught a bit of her acting (not too shabby), but, more than anything else about her, I love, love, love her singing. I’m not that naive – I am aware that the studios have devices that make her and others who may be tone-deaf sound absolutely dead on key.  No matter, at least not to me.  I love to hear the woman sing.  No – it doesn’t hurt that she is drop-dead gorgeous.  As I write this piece, my ears are filled with sound of HALO, (from “I am . . . Sasha Fierce”) playing over and over and over.  I LOVE that song!!!!!  I intended to make this a tribute to Her Sexiness, but, instead, I decided to give her song the tribute that it deserves.  Not only is the music fabulous, but the words are awesome, as well (a bit touchy-feely, I will admit).  Sorry . . . I gotta fled.  I’m headed over to MTV.com to see the video again.  I’ll leave you with some links to some of my favorite Beyonce songs.  You know you want it.  You know you love her.  You know you can’t get enough.  OK . . . maybe it just me.  Peace.






copyright  ©  2009  freedom


10 Responses to “Halo”

  1. Halo is a good song.
    And B is a good entertainer.
    I like her.

    Now, I wouldn’t say she can sing all like that. She is okay.

  2. Love the new layout.

    Beyonce is a force of her own, but I still can’t say that she has reached that MJ or Prince or Madonna status IMO. Maybe I’m just getting old. lol

  3. You’re right – she’s no where near the icons. You have to have international and ageless appeal, along with hypnotic charm to actually be the greatest. I do love her, though. She’s got great potential. Peace.

  4. Uh…free?

    Let’s just go ‘head and bury this post in a desolate and uninhabited part of the universe. Any traces of Beyonce should be removed from the Earth or any other populated places in the universe immediately.

    Just sayin’.

  5. OMG!! Let’s just go ahead and wash your mouth out with Ivory!! Such blasphemy, such hatin’, such . . . foolery!

    I’m certain that you must have someone else in mind as to good music and entertainment.

    OMG!!!!!!!! Peace.

  6. @Sharon: I don’t know how your comment got into the pending file, but, I swear it wasn’t me.

    Yeah B has her own style, and, I am TOTALLY into it, but, I would agree with most (well, not Andre!!)that she’s “not all dat”. I love her to death though . . . musically speaking. Peace.

  7. Don’t throw your books and CDs at me but I DO NOT LIKE BeYAWNsay! In fact I’m sick of seeing the lil trollop! Overrated and an oversexed image, not to mention being pimped out to the “industry” by her father. I want her to go away for a long, long, long, long, long time. 😉

  8. @Choc – I wouldn’t do that, my dear. We all have our own likes and dislikes. One thing to remember is that I am W-A-Y behind when it comes to contemporary music. By the time everyone else is tired of a particular artist, I’m just beginning to listen to them. I’m getting better, though. So . . . I love, love, love to hear her sing, and watch her trollop across the floor. Peace.

  9. ME LUBS HER!!!! SHE BAD!!!! A Diva is the female version of a Hustla, of a Hustla, of a Hustla! That’s da joint! The video is off the hook!!!!! I love to watch her LIVE. Beyonce is an exciting and inspiring talent. Me lubs her fo life!

  10. I am s glad that there’s someone other than me who “loves her to life”. I can’t seem to get enough.

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