Spitting Images

pride-and-joy-07Well, there you have it.  I finally did it.  I asked my kids if I could post some photos of them (the ones posted show them as we are on our way out the door, headed for Vermont), and they agreed – a long time ago.  Finally, I present my pride (my son, now 23) and joy (my daughter, now 21).  I realized that my public display of my love for them was looong overdue.  Yeah – I talk about them from time to time, but, that’s not quite the same.  Before I give you the wrong impression, I am quite proud that they look just like me.  It’s just that some things are just the plain old truth and there’s nothing that can be done about it:  so, I admit it, I confess – I’m a handsome dude.  My only question is “Why, oh, why, didn’t they take some of their mother’s good looks?” Imagine one of the most chocolaty, delicious piece of Hershey’s that ever took on the form of a woman.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I wish that I could have posted a photo of her so that you could see what I mean, but, we don’t socialize like that . . . any more . . . not for a looong time.  Take it from me, they would have been even more precious.  It’s all good and well to look like dear old dad, and I do like that they look like me, but, . . . Ipride-and-joy-01‘m just sayin’.

Of all the things that have brought us pleasure, I think that our trips to Vermont rank way up there with the best of times.  From the time they were about eight (8) and six (6), we have revisited that haunt on many occasions.  We have gone during the winter to ski, and in the fall to delight in the fall foliage which Vermont presents better than any other state in the union.  Even when they were so very young, we decided on two rules when we go on vacation:   #1 – everyone must have fun, and rule #2if you’re not having fun, see rule number one.  That’s it.  No other rules.  Eat candy for dinner.  Stay up for 36 hours straight.  Watch movies from sun-up to sundown.  The normal rules of life just never applied.  We’d spend hour after hour at the pool.  We’d ski from the time we got up and out until they chased us off the slopes.  OK – they skied, I watched.  I haven’t been on a pair skis since I was thirty, and believe you me – it was not a pretty picture.  There was even a mountain named Lincoln Mountain which we climbed.  We’ve (so far) only climbed the beginners’ trail, but, it was still an adventure to remember.  We had planned many visits to the main plant of Ben and Jerry’s, but, haven’t made it, as yet.  We bowled, we threw snowballs, shopped, rode bikes across the terrain, and ate pizza until it ran out of us.  During those many trips, we crammed more fun into one week than the law allows.

pride-and-joy-02There are more recent photos of them, but, I chose these as they remind me so much of their innocence.  I look at the photo of the two of them together (last photo) and can’t help but think “What are you up to?”.  The other photos are a reminder of just how much I love the way that they smile.  When they are away at school, and I miss them, I just glance over, and there they are, smiles and all.  Now, they are all grown up.  They both will graduate from college this coming May.  My daughter is at Penn State, which prompted me to become even more of a Nittany Lion fan than ever.  She has majored in film, but, as her college years come to a close, she has decided that it’s not really what she wants to do.  She likes stage acting more than film and will probably delve into that in time.  More than anything, she says that she will only be happy if she is not in the spotlight.  She wants to remain as a “behind the scenes” person.  My son attends Kutztown University and majored in business.  He hates numbers and statistics, but, loves the idea of one day going into business for himself.  His one true desire for a career choice?  Becoming a professional gamer!  Yes – folks get paid big money for playing video games!  He hopes that he will make the grade someday.


I have news for both of them – they’re going into business with me!  It is my goal, even at this late stage of the game, to become a movie director.  She will be my producer and he will be my business manager.  All in the family, as it were.  Before that day gets here, it is my hope that we will make one more trip to Vermont, for one more week of extreme fun.  I asked my son about it and he’s totally into it.  I haven’t approached my daughter yet, but, I already know that her answer will be a resounding “Yes, please!”  I can barely wait.  Perhaps this time, we’ll make it to Ben & Jerry’s.  Maybe there will be enough snow to go snow-mobiling.  No – I will not hit the slopes.  Of all the fun that we’ve had, I think that the best of it was . . . lying around the chalet, doing absolutely nothing.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2009  freedom


“Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash (CS&N)

Nittany Lion photo from akamai.net


4 Responses to “Spitting Images”

  1. Aaawww. . .I enjoy reading the words of proud parents.
    Yeah, it is long over due to put all this pride out there for us to read.

    I need to talk/write about mine every other month. . haha

    And that is so wonderful on the business venture.
    Big ups to you.
    I hope to be following right behind you.

  2. Well I find myself at the 5th entry in my series of websites that are amazing yet do not have the web 2.0 aesthetic. I like many other designers have fallen to the addictive properties of http://streams.15y.org/export/export-titles.php which has allowed me to find such an amazing set of sites and share them here with you.

  3. Gene A. Baxter Says:

    Very nice to see my nefu and nees. I got sent to a porn site afterwards, though. Peace.

  4. S – God willing, we will be quite the enterprising family, some day.

    Molle – Welcome.

    Ras – Glad you stopped by, but, that e-mail that you responded to was from 11/2008. Better late than “ever”. I’m not sure how you got directed to a porn site, but, next time, be kind and leave me the URL !!! See you soon. Peace.

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