Overheard (1)


President Barack H. Obama (January 20, 2009):

“F*ck what ya heard!

Git your a$$ up off my property!”

copyright  ©  2009  freedom


“No Tresspassing” by Mr. Hill

10 Responses to “Overheard (1)”

  1. lol.
    Today he moves into the House.
    How exciting.

  2. Be sure to tune in to FOX at 11:45 for an exclusive – they’re interviewing the sheriff who will present Bush with the eviction notice. Peace.

  3. I am SOOOOO glad that fool is gone!! Now, we just have to get those impeachment papers together – for treason. Treason is the only thing for which Presidential pardons cannot be used. Hopefully, our elected officials will remember that. Peace.

  4. If Bush left anything behind, I say they burn it.

  5. If Bush left anything behind, I say they burn it.

    Dag, somebody needs to take Waiting to Exhale out of their DVD player. Just sayin’.

  6. @Andre: Nah, I’m not into burning things I could sell. Only things left behind from Bush. It’s obvious his tactics did nothing to improve the state of America, so his ‘letter to Obama’ is probably as useful as the newspaper at the bottom of a dog’s cage. Just sayin… it’s cold out, time for a fire.

  7. His O-ness was gonna have a bar-b-q, but, found Bush’s leftovers and decided to have a “fire sale” instead. G Dubya did leave a legacy, though – one of deceit, terror, and greed. He’ll burn for sure. Peace.

  8. Let’s all be the change!

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