Stepped away (1)





copyright  ©  2008  freedom

“Miss You” by Kim

15 Responses to “Stepped away (1)”

  1. LOL…it took me a minute but I figured it out!!! Hurry back!!! 😀

  2. I never stray too far. I’m busy cathin’ up on some folks’ sites that I’ve neglected. Writing continues, soon. Peace.

  3. I am slow 😦

  4. Better to be slow than to never be there at all. Peace.

  5. lol @ my screwface for bout three seconds. lol

  6. Now, see – I’ve got one of those – can’t seem to get rid of it. Peace.

  7. Love this blog!

    Check me out sometime.

  8. I’ll do just that. Peace.

  9. I was stuck on back for a minute but I’m glad I didn’t cheat. :0)

  10. Good for you, girly. Waaaaay better than being “stuck on stoopid”, eh?” Peace.

  11. LMAO Never that.

  12. Free, this wasn’t fair man. Outside of perhaps Guv-ee-na Ah-nold, the “Bach” part would’ve thrown the average person for a loop.

  13. Yeah – never that, hon.

    Dre – Fortunately, we know that you are not of the average ilk – rather, far superior. Peace.

  14. Love your visual lingo! So cool!

  15. Sometimes, I like the mystery of it all. Peace.

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