Dreamscape: Witchy Woman

garcelle-beauvais-testScene 1:

It is close to midnight.  I am in a backyard that is about thirty feet wide by thirty or forty feet long.  It is covered in grass, and slopes downward towards a creek that runs behind the house.  The weather is very warm and the yard is filled with people milling about and there is music in the air.  A slow dance comes on and I decide to dance with the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid eyes upon.  She is wearing an ultra-thin, ultra-sheer nightgown that reaches to her ankles.  I can see her body through the material of the gown.  The gown is tight-fitting and hugging her like a second skin, almost as if it were painted onto her body.  Before we take to the floor, her parents come up beside us and, in the thickest of island accents, her father asks “So, you’re going to take care of my daughter?” I reply “Yes”.  He lets out a most wicked laugh that resonates and echoes throughout the neighborhood.  Her mother grabs hold of his arm and the two of them disappear into the house.  The woman and I dance, slow and close.  I feel her body melting into mine.  When the dance is over, we remain embraced.  Her lips meet mine and we engage in a very long and very passionate kiss.  When the kiss is done, she lets out a long, wicked laugh, similar to the one made by her father.  I watch her as she walks away and continue watching until she disappears  Fade to black.

Scene 2:

I am in a bar that lines the back of the same house’s backyard, all the way at the back where the yard meets the creek, goth-n-skullsat the bottom of the slope.  In the portion of the bar in which I find myself, there is a long counter lined by bar stools.  Every seat is occupied.  There is a walkway that is only about three feet wide, lined on one side by the counter and bar stools, and by a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the other side.  As I pass by the mirror, I can see myself, but barely.  I am walking in one direction but my reflection is walking in the opposite direction.  It seems that I am fading away.  I am pale, almost transparent.  I walk the length of the mirror and out the door.  I come back in and walk in the other direction.  Now, I can hardly make out my reflection in the mirror.  I walk into the next room, which is actually just a foyer that leads into a third room.  In this foyer, there are mirrors on both walls.  I cannot see my reflection at all.  Fade to black.

Scene 3:

I am walking away from the house towards another street.  The music starts to fade away slowly, until, finally, it is no longer present.  A man, with whom I am vaguely familiar, is walking beside me, now.  During our conversation, he mentions that I should not have danced with the beautiful woman.  I say that it will be alright.  He notices that I am pale, and almost panics.  Somewhat calmly he exclaims “No, you didn’t!  You did not kiss her!  Do you know who she is?!” I reply that I apparently don’t.  He pulls out a Life Saver, and hands one to me.  “You’d better take one of these.  It’s probably the only thing that will save you.” I pop one into my mouth, as does he.  We walk away from the house and up a hill on the other side of the street in silence.  Fade to black.


copyright  ©  2008  freedom


“Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix

Photos by Playboy, rorschachentertainment.com, and paulmirocha.com


2 Responses to “Dreamscape: Witchy Woman”

  1. Well, apparently you almost kicked the bucket.

    “Never trust a big butt & a smile.” – BBD

  2. I was pretty close to the edge, huh? Wow – that would have been a great theme song for this post! “They’ll” get you every time. Happy holidays. Peace.

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