Thank you so very, very much.

Thank you so very much Sharon, The True Urban Queen.  Thanks for the opportunity to write some more.  Thanks so much for making my brain work overtime.  No . . . really.  Thanks . . . a lot.

So, basically, I’ve been tagged, and this one is a long one, so have a seat, if you please.


Ten (10) random things about moi:

queen-l 1- I detest cold weather.  I overdress for it to insure that I am not cold when I go outside.  I stay inside as much as I possibly can.

2- I was once a fantastic dancer.  They called me “Mr. Wiggles” and “Slinky”.  I was truly agile.

3- I am rarely seen in something other than dress pants, dress shoes, and on most occasions, a tie.

4- I love sit-coms.  I hate the “situations”, but, love the “comedy” which ensues.

5- I am the middle child (older sister, younger brother), otherwise known as “the forgotten child”.

6- I was born on a Friday.  Is that why I always shout “TGIF!”?

7- I love to write.  Sorry – I LOVE to write!

8- I drink either coffee or Mountain Dew all day long, seven days a week.

9- I hate fast food and rarely eat it.  When I do indulge, it’s either for a Triple Bacon Cheeseburger from BURGER KING or a huge roast beef sandwich from ARBY’s.

10- I love to hear Queen Latifah sing.  My favorite by her is “Travelin’ Light” .

Nine (9) ways to win my heart:

tights-05 1- Know how to cook the things that I like.  It’s one thing to be able to cook, but, if it’s not something that I like, it’s virtually a waste, now, isn’t it?

2- Dress like a hoochie but act like a lady (when we are together).  I love a classy lady, but I also like skin.

3- Assume that I am right, and save us both a bit of time.

4- Give some personal input on the poetry and novels that I write.

5- If you’re smarter than I am, try not to flaunt it 24/7.  Part of the day is OK, but, not all of it.

6- For six, seven, eight and nine – review item two (2).

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1- See the pyramids.

2- Return to Jamaica for my third and last trip.

pyramids-giza 3- Lounge around on a nude beach in Negril, Jamaica.

4- Dive from the cliff at Rick’s Bar (Negril, Jamaica).

5- Expatriate to Paris, France . . . just for three weeks or so – too many responsibilities here.

6- Attend my children’s college graduations (May, 2009)

7- Fall in love, again.

8- Write and direct a movie (sounds like some copycatting, huh?)

Seven (7) ways to annoy me:

1- If you’re not sitting up under me, at home, in your bra and panties, show your bra straps.  I HATE THAT!!!!!

2- Chew on ice in my presence.

3- Make me watch a LIFETIME

4- Make me watch reality shows.

5- Chew with your mouth open.

6- Clutter up my space.

7- Don’t answer when I call your name.

Six (6) things I believe in:

1- GOD.

2- Cleanliness.

3- Neatness.

tuxedos-03 4- My abilities.

5- Being a gentleman.

6- True love.

Five (5) things that I am afraid of:

1- Snakes.

2- Losing my sanity, particularly to Alzheimer’s Disease.

3- Being embarrassed in public.

4- Being in very close, tight corners (claustrophobic big time!).

5- Being buried alive (slightly different from number 4).snakes

Four (4) of my favorite things:

1- My female muses.

2- Writing.

3- Female breasts and their “nibbles”.

4- Swimming.

Three (3) things I do daily:

1- Drink coffee.

2- Write.

3- Take two or three long walks (rain, snow, sleet, or hail).

Two (2) things I want to do within the hour:

1- Finish this dad-blaned post!!!!!!

2- Thank Sharon.  Really.  No, I mean it.


One (1) person I want to see right now:

1- My longest running female friend and muse.


D*mn, that was long!!!  Hey, Sharon – thanks, babe.  Really.  Thanks so very, very much.

I didn’t tag anyone because I don’t think I know enough bloggers like that.  So, if you haven’t been tagged, tag yourself and join in the fun.  Seriously – it’s a lot of fun.  No, really.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

“They Just Can’t Stop It (The Games People Play) by The Spinners

Photos are from various sites on the web.  If any belong to you and you wish them removed from this site, please let me know and I will remove them.

10 Responses to “Thank you so very, very much.”

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my space. You’re welcome anytime. I like your countdown list. Uh, err umm, you’re kinda committed to the hoochie thing, aren’t you?

  2. Yeah, I’m an “eye candy” kinda guy. Check out my take on the Harlem Renaissance under my other pseudonym (warning: it’s five parts long!). I’ll be back to check you out in the coming days. Peace.

  3. LOL I see Sharon put you to work. 🙂

  4. You are so welcome.
    You know you liked getting “tagged”. Made you holla 😉
    So, why you got to be so hostile?
    Dag, choking a sister.

    So you want a woman who dresses like a hoochie and you stay clean like a pimp?

    I am scared of Alzheimer’s too.
    And of being buried alive.
    Those are some scary things.

    Oh and the copycat thing. . .I will try to over look it.

    Alright Mr.Wiggles I am out.

  5. LOL…and you’ve called me retarded? 😀

    Sometimes women who chew on ice are iron deficiant. It’s a medical issue, I swear!! ::crunch:: I chew on ice sometimes, not often but it’s usually when I’m alone. 🙂

    I’m afraid of 3 of the sames things you are! Snakes, confined spaces and being buried alive. Just the thought…ugh! N’rmind. LOL

  6. Shae – That she did. But it was fun. LOT of work, but fun.

    Sharon – OK – it’s nice to get to know people and I think this is one great way to learn about folks. Hostile? Me? You ain’t seen hostile, yet. Let the STEELERS end up in a better place than the EAGLES. I’ll show you hostile! As for dressing, I think that stylish threads and hoochie go well together.

    Mental illness and being buried alive are two of the things that I fear more than anything. I despise snakes, but, I can get around them. . . . and I was just giving you a break with the copycat thing – I’m older, so I win – I had the idea first :makes raspberry sound:

    Anyhoo – thanks – it was fun.

    Choc- Because you ARE retarded. It’s just that, coincidentally, I am too. You know, the pot calling . . .

    I’ve heard about the iron deficiency thing but it still drives me nuts. I dislike hearing most people crunch on crunchy things, but I sooooo hate the sound of ice being chewed! But, in the name of medicine, I guess . . . wait – nobody gets a pass on that! Peace.


    Public service announcement, speaking of being buried alive:

    Beware and give a look under your cars before approaching, Predators are also known to carry needles with which they can tranquilize you immediately and it’s done when you get close to the car to open the door. They are hiding beneath the car. It’s unnerving to hear such, but, better to be “annoyed than to be a void”.

  7. Hey freedom! Just stopping by to say hi! What a revealing post. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season! Peace and blessings, Styln;)

  8. Thanks for stopping by. I promise not to be so “missing” in the new year. Hope that your holidays are wonderful, as well. Peace.

  9. happy nappy holidays folk

  10. . . . and right back at you, Dawg.

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