Tell Me About Your Posse!!

posse-01Stop that!!  You know I said “Posse”, p-o-s-s-e, so cut that out!!!  Through the years, my posse has changed in size, in need, and in reason.  I  still remember my first posse from way back in elementary school as if it were yesterday.  There was Joel, Tony, Juanita, Ebenezer, and myself.  We were practically inseparable.  I guess that pretty much goes without saying.  A posse isn’t just a person and a BF who see each other from time to time.  It’s not the bond between two people who live 200 miles away, but still keep in touch.  A posse is “up close and personal”.  A posse is one for all and all for one, seemingly for forever.  However, at least for me, a posse can change time and time again throughout the years.  Mine went from medium to small, to large, to huge, and finally, today, it has basically become just the two of us, just my bff and me.

After entering junior high (that’s 7th, 8th, and 9th grades for you “new kids on the little_rascalsblock”), I assembled a new posse.  The one female in the group was replaced by Sylvia.  The guys became Smitty, Bob, George, and of course, itty-bitty me – I was the smallest of the bunch.  Smitty and I were both in love with the same girl – Sylvia.  One day, it came to blows.  He and I fought each other (translates: bear hugs and near hits) all over the classroom before the teacher came in.   Desks, books, and chairs went flying through the air.   Nobody won.  The fact of the matter was that she didn’t like either of us – at least, not that way.  Smitty and I remained the best of friends, Sylvia remained loyal to the group, and we all lived happily everafter.  High school (all male) found Bob and George and I forming a new posse together, as we were the only three in the group who went on to the same high school.  We added Terrance and Larry, although Larry was always a bit spaced out and we’d have to reel him in at times.  I found that with each new posse, the bonds became stronger and stronger.  Today, Bob and George and I are still very much in touch with each other, living in the same city, but are more like BFF’s than a posse.

kool-and-the-gang-01My college posse proved to be the largest posse of which I’ve been a part.  To estimate, I’d say that the grand total of members came to somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty (20).  Remember, now, we’re not talking about bf’s, bff’s, or anything of the sort.  We are speaking of a posse – always together, always kickin’ it, always loyal.  Our college posse gathered in the lounge of the women’s dorm, after class, usually around 3 or 4pm.  One by one, two by two, we’d slowly formulate into a crowd, gathered around a few tables – it was time to play Pinochle.  Two  of us would make a wine run.  Three made a food run.  Upon the return of those who had made runs, that posse would be there, intact and in full, until about 11pm!!  We played cards, drank wine, and filled the dorm with merriment each and every day of the week.  I can remember a few of the names, but, I’ll pass on posting them as some of them are probably still wanted by the law, and I’d hate to be the one that  gets them nabbed. There are a few from that posse that I still consider BFF’s, even though I haven’t seem them in at least ten (10) years or so.  When I have, it was brief, and we vowed to keep in touch, but, you know . . .

As I entered the work world, which lasted thirty (30) years, I probably became a part of 42-17988125about ten or more posses during that time.  Today, my posse consists of just two – Aaron and I.  Aaron and I met at the job when his wife was pregnant with their second child.  I threw a baby shower for him, and we have been friends ever since.  The winter months find me with my butt glued to the couch in his basement watching the EAGLES play.  Nowadays, he  grumbles about His Five-ness and A. Reid.  I laud them both as our team scores.  The summer finds us riding bikes through the park on a Saturday morning.  Here in Philly, we have a bike path/walking path/running path/inline skate path that circles the river in an 8 1/2 mile oval.  At the end of that run, neither of us are tired, but are both certainly out of breath.  The rest of the year finds me at his house engaged in Pinochle tournaments between friends and family.  Aaron’s son is in his thirties, so, I guess that’s how long we’ve been friends.  Then, again, we’re more than friends, we’re bff’s, but, even more so than that  . . . we’re a posse!

Big or small, everlasting or momentary, a posse is like family.  What’s your posse like?  What the biggest posse that you’ve been privy to?  Which posse was/is your favorite?  Peace.

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“INSEPARABLE” by Natalie Cole

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6 Responses to “Tell Me About Your Posse!!”

  1. My posse’s on broadwaaaaay! LOL You know I had to do it right? My posse has disbursed. I used to travel with a posse of 10 – 15 people all the time. We have grown up and stopped traveling in a wild pack, but oh, those were the days. 😉

  2. Yeah, I’m getting to know you p-r-e-t-t-y well.

    I think that growing up is what changes one’s posse from one to the next – different ideals, goals, lifestyles, etc. But when it was time to party, it was on!! Peace.

  3. My posse has always been a few select people.
    And as of this moment I only got two young members. . .my babies.

    And guess what I have tagged you.

  4. See – that’s just wrong, woman. But OK, I’ve been tagged. I’ll set up something for tomorrow.

    What better posse could there be? Peace.

  5. Great post! This gave me a lot of memories. I don’t have a posse anymore but, I have fond memories of my past posse action.

    My first posse (of which, I was the ring leader) formed during grade school. We used to beg, borrow, steal money from home and go the the candy store most days (in the summer) and buy chips, candy and a six pack of Coke. We would reek havoc in the neighborhood and have all sorts of fun.

    My second posse was at a new school in a new hood. We would make up dance routines to Jackson Five music, wear matching outfits (pleated skirts, white shirts, five pair of socks and Chuck Taylor/All Star high tops).

    My high school posse was notorious! We were fine, best dressed and had the most fun! We went to all the hot parties, we gave the best parties (we were party promoters at a young age), we were runway models and gave fashion shows, we formed a singing group (performed in many talent shows), we went to all the hot concerts (and got back stage most of the time), we went to NYC and Toronto.
    We dated all the cutest boys with hot cars and all the girls at our school hated us. We did all of this before the age of eighteen. Our Posse was called Legs, Inc. and we rocked the house where ever we went.

    My young adult posse was called the Beautiful Bad (we were a singing group) The members changed about four times but, we finally got a recording contract with a P Funk group called Incorporated Thang band. We had lots of fun in the clubs of Detroit and LA and we wore the wildest of eighties outfits and hair styles. We had great fun and wild adventures.

    I think I need to get another posse, life has become a bit mundane as of late.

  6. That’s quite some legacy. It’s no less than I would expect from you. You are such a multi-layered woman. Lovin’ it. Teehee. Peace.

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