Dreamscapes: Lovers

Scene 1:

broken-heartI am at my home, which is some type of condo.  There are items in one room that would indicate that someone recently moved out, and left a few things behind – possibly a former lover.  I am in a hot tub with my current lady.  There is another indistinguishable woman seated nearby.  The three of us are engaged in conversation.  A beautiful woman appears at the front door, which is open.  The hot tub is in that same room.  The new woman has a man with her who is not present at the moment, but, rather, shows up later.  The man is somehow connected with my lady.  The connection is not favorable, nor, at the moment, do I understand the connection.  It is not fully realized until later.  Fade to black

Scene 2:


I am in some sort of commercial kitchen.  There is an Asian man wielding a cleaver, which transforms into a saber.  He is a tall, stout, heavy-set man and he somehow appears to be quite learned in the martial arts.  Another man stands before him, who is tall and slender.  He is boasting of his fighting skills and triumphs.  He is not moving, but standing quite still.  The Asian takes the saber and makes a swinging, sweeping motion with it, at the height of and in the direction of the thin man’s throat.  Nothing seems to happen after several back and forth sweeps.  Then there is silence.  The thin man’s head falls to the floor. There is no blood.  His body crumples to the floor.  The Asian man makes a boastful, sweeping bow of victory.  There is approval from the onlookers in the kitchen.  Fade to black.

(Same scene)missiles-01

The door to the kitchen is open and, upon looking out, one sees missiles lined up.  One by one, they are launched.  Their targets are the houses and condos in the area.  My house and the house of the Asian are amongst those destroyed.  As we all look on in amazement, one woman has a smile on her face.  She says “I don’t know what you’re all so worried about.  Everybody is insured.”  She walks over to the edge of her lawn, a corner of which is partially dug up.  She reaches into the dirt and retrieves an envelope which is covered in clear plastic.  From the envelope, she pulls a piece of paper which seems to be a certificate of some sort.  The paper entitles the bearer to full reparation for all of the damages done to their homes, and it also leaves them with unlimited funds at their disposal.  One by one the tenants return to their respective home and dig up their letters.  I go to my home and dig up the envelope.  It is blank.  Fade to black.

lovers-02Scene 3:

My woman is gone.  She left with the man associated with the beautiful woman who appeared at my front door.  This beautiful woman and I are at my house which has been completely renovated.  It is unclear as to which room we are in, or whether we are in the hot tub together.  What is unmistakeably clear is that the two of us are very happy at the idea of being together.  Fade to black.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom


“Lovers’ Rock” by Sade

Photos from fotolia.com, bubishi.com, defencetalk.com, and artofafrica.eu respectively.

7 Responses to “Dreamscapes: Lovers”

  1. Was this a dream that you had? WOW. I can barely remember mine. Some can be quite unsettling others more erotic but rarely can I remember them in vivid detail or sequences. 🙂

  2. I have, for many years, kept a pen and paper by my bed. Dreams can make for some very interesting novels. I imagine that’s where Stephen King and Dean Koontz get a lot of their material. I have quite a few of them on paper and hope to put them to post in the coming weeks. As for my post about my kids – I lost the photos that I wanted to use!! They’re in a large manilla envelope somewhere in the house. Always scan and save to file. Always scan and save to file. Always . . . Peace.

  3. This is a interesting dream. Lately mine have been unpleasant and better left unthought of.

  4. My strange, weird, and scary dreams (nightmares) usually come when I have overstuffed myself before a petit repose. I like it though, because I usually end up writing some wild and crazy poem. Sorry that yours are unpleasant right now. I’d give advice, but I’m one of those who think that dreams have nothing to do with reality, so I’d be of no assistance. I hope they don’t disturb your sleep. That could be another problem. One thing at a time, huh? Peace.

  5. My dreams are too weird and long to ever write down. I would never expose my obviously twisted subconscious psyche. 🙂

  6. Most of the times my dreams are unclear and involves a lot of people whom in my dreams are familiar to me but when I wake up I don’t have any idea who they are. But I like it when in my dreams, my loveones who passed away visit me even just in my dreams and they are so alive.

  7. Shae – I can only imagine. I have always held the notion that psychology and its interpretations of dreams was totally bogus. I have compared my dreams to some of theirs and the “I hate my mother”, “I should have been a woman”, or any of the other psycho-babble nonsense just didn’t ever apply. C’mon, let us in.

    Dating Tips – Good for you that you like the visits from loved ones. I think that would scare me out of my wits. I think that I remember mine so vividly because I intentionally sit up and start writing them down. I also think that you aren’t alone – a lot of folks are at a complete loss as to what they dreamt the previous night. Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

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