W.T.D. 12.05.08

Walking The DogIt’s time, once again, to get it off my chest, to let the brain out for some fresh air . . . time to “walk the dog”.

This is the last time I’m gonna tell you: hire MAYFLOWER, and stop renting “U-Haul-It” trucks.

If you want that package to get there, stop using “United Partial”, ’cause that just won’t get it . . . nor will it reach its destination.

“Swimp” is not seafood, and probably isn’t anything at all.  Speaking of which, “shrimp” is already plural without the extra “s” at the end.

Quite contrarily, there is, apparently, no such thing as adding the letter “s” to Asian words to make them plural.  All over my town I see signs that say “Two soda”, “Ten chicken wing  for two dollar”, etc.  “Learn the lingo before you go” – please make that your motto.

I’m still seeing some women walking around with sexy tops on and showing their bra straps.  Again – it ain’t sexy!  Take the bra off, hide the straps, or wear a different kind of top!

Where in the world are all my Caucasian friends and neighbors?  Where are all those Republicans that used to speak in passing?  You cannot stay in the house for forever.  You’ve got to come out for air sooner or later.  Stop counting and get over it – he lost!!!


That wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.  Half-way through, I decided not to go “buck wild” and just trash the world for ticking me off at times.  But, hey – get it together, people!!

As usual, I wish that I hated being “the angry Black man“, but . . . I don’t!  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom


“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by Otis Redding

10 Responses to “W.T.D. 12.05.08”

  1. Who the heck says swimp? That’s too stupid for words.
    I am LMAO at the dropped ‘s’ because although it’s very stereotypical, it is so very true.
    Don’t even get me started on the bra straps out for display. So not a good look.

  2. Whne my daughter was younger. . .my family use to joke she was part Asian because she would leave the s off of words.
    She would say two dolla. And they would tell her to say other words and laugh.
    I tried not to laugh but it was funny.

    I heard people say scrimp.
    I hate the bra strap thing too.

  3. Shae – I know, right! But, my people will “pronounciate” anyway they like. I chuckle every time I come across a missing “s”. What’s up with the bra straps?? Who told them it was sexy or even acceptable?

    Sharon – That’s just wrong! But, how can you not laugh? I hear “scrimp”, as well. The bra thing? I just don’t understand. Peace.

  4. Bra straps and thongs showing is not the hottness!!! Ugh!

    People who refuse to enunciate their words properly even after being corrected annoy the ever loving shyt out of me! Really. LOL

  5. For the life of me, I don’t know who told these people that it was a good idea. Now, it’s rampant.

    We have a street here in Philly named “Huntingdon St” and one named “Hunting Park Ave”. Over and over people will say “Huntingdon Park Ave.” – even after you tell them ten times. OOOOOOOOOH!! One of my favorites is “skreet” instead of “street”. WTH?? Peace.

  6. Dude, the AGM monicker is WAY to fun to give up. Besides, some of the stuff you mentioned doesn’t exactly lend itself to us having a nice, anger-free existence.

    (1) I haven’t heard “swimp” either. But I have heard “scrimps” and “shrimps” (both with an “s”). This, from OUR OWN. I tell you freedom: what’s wrong with your cousins?

    (2) What’s the deal with Mayflower? What makes them so spectacular? I’m curious, because I’m gonna be doing some moving in a few months. Sell me.

    (3) If you think UPS is bad, try using the USPS. There’s crap I sent people in 1988 that still hasn’t arrived yet.

    (4) I’m not as critical about Asian dialect. It’s a little unnerving at times, but then I remember that – chances are – they know three languages, while I was still flunking English in high school.

    (5) Bra straps. Egh.

    (6) With the number of minorities and women found in Obama’s new administration, you’d best believe you’re gonna see a few more of your Republican buddies. Only, it’ll be in a massive protest forming right outside your window. Be careful what you wish, dawg…

  7. The moniker stays for forever, I suppose. I just wish that it didn’t have to be a “requirement” as opposed to an “intermittent desire”. In the meantime, I answer to the name with pride.

    My cousins are products of a poor education system that pushes them through whether they have learned or not. That having been said, I hate to hear their words, but, I can’t be too angry at them.

    Mayflower may not be any good at all, but, it is easier to pronounce and they can stop saying that they rented a “U-Haul-It” truck instead of “U-Haul”, same with United “PARTIAL” instead of “Parcel”. Forget about USPS – you might as well call Pony Express.

    Asians and three languages – ain’t it the truth. It still irritates me, though. I’m just a self-proclaimed “wordsmith” who considers himself the guardian of the Queen’s English. It’s inevitable destruction has me at odds with the rest of the world, particularly my children’s generation. The more I explain, the more defiant they become. They even see the point, yet, still insist on making Ebonics the language of the New World.

    One particular Republican friend is also an EAGLES’ hater. The O Man won, the EAGLES are winning, and friend is no where to be seen. Perhaps I should take your advice, and let sleeping dogs lie.

    Thanks for drooping by. Peace.

  8. AJ – I must confess that (although it isn’t quite to the fetish level) I love bras, and think that they are sexy beyond compare, but, outside the outside clothes? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??????!!!!

  9. Ok I had to comment about the bra straps. Carrie from Sex And The City (SATC) made the trend popular. Personally, I like underwear to do just what it says be an UNDER-WEAR and left to the imagination but as a person who pays attention to fashion editorials; I must say sometimes it is kind of sexy.

  10. Thanks for the info – I completely forgot about Carrie and her bra straps. Kinda sexy sometimes. huh? I think it’s kinda sexy when a woman sits around in matching bra and panty sets, but as an exterior display, I think I pass. I always thought those fashion experts to be somewhat pretentious anyway, dictating what the world is “supposed to like”. You’re the first (probably of many) who like the trend. Those in the public eye can be very persuasive. Peace.

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