FADE TO BLACK 1: Macy Gray

macy_gray-04If ever there was a woman whose beauty was underrated, Macy Gray would certainly qualify.  While others spent countless hours drooling over the fabulous B.K. (now Mrs. B.K. Carter), my joy came from the sensuality which emanated from Ms Gray.  They say that as you reach the top, the air gets thinner, making it difficult to breathe, but, that is one mountain that I would climb each and every day!  That is one BIG, BAD, b . . . woman!  Beauty aside, I have loved the sound of her scratchy voice with each new song that hit the airwaves.  Beyond both beauty and musical ability is her inimitable way with song lyrics.  I can cite the Beatles, The Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, and many others as living proof that there was some type of mind-enhancement going on back in the day.  I can’t say for certain that Ms Gray has been a partaker of the goods, but, if she hasn’t been, then, perhaps she is a tad bit touched.   On the other hand, it could very well be that she is just that great a lyricist.  Nonetheless, her lyrics have been something from another dimension altogether.


“Here in this moment to myself,

I’m gonna vibe with no one else”,

which comes from A Moment To Myself, (from her debut offering How Life Is – 1999), is typical of the “nonsensical” lyrics that she has scribed.  As much as I loved that song, the ultimate example of the weirdness of her poetry (and one of my favorites) is Do Something:

” . . . that was just a dream I had,

last night in my bubble bath,

next to my wishing well”.

Macy!  Whatup wit dat??  I wouldn’t even attempt to decipher the depths of those words.  As the years went by, the music just got better and better.  Even given my love for her beauty and sensuality, I nearly missed a song entitled “She Ain’t Right For You” from The Trouble With Being Myself (2003).  It is a typical siren song, lamenting the loss of one’s greatest love, in which she begs her lover to take her back.  Then, I saw the video for that very same song:  humina, humina, humina!!!


As she fades to black, I reiterate – that’s is one mountain that I would climb each and every day!  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom


Photos from worldticketshop.de , chicagoinnerview.com , and singersroom.com

6 Responses to “FADE TO BLACK 1: Macy Gray”

  1. I think people sleep on Macy because they don’t understand her style, when in fact, they need to look past her appearance or style & just vibe to the music.

  2. I’m going to have to put her “fade” on hold, as she says that she refuses to go out like that. She’s about to drop a new album with a new name (Nemesis Jaxson) shortly. It features will.i.am and others. Her website for the same says anything but “fade”. We shall see. As you stated, if folks would “hear” instead of “judge”, they might just be blessed.

    There’s another aspect to music celebrities “losing” their appeal, and that is use if sites that allow listeners to do just that – listen – and for free. There is an agreement made with the artists and record companies, but, the money generated is no where near what CD sales once showed us. I, for example, use NAPSTER and download MP3’s, instead of buying CD’s. That doesn’t mean that I now dislike a particular artist – it simply means that I have chosen to partake of them in a different manner, and this is turning into a whole new post. At any rate, Macy says no to the fade. Peace.

  3. I admitt I don’t listen to Macy’s music. Actually I haven’t really heard anything from her. Maybe I should go listen to a few of her songs and see what she is about.

    I liked her in Lackawanna Blues.

  4. She is definitely worth a listen. She is very different. She has some very deep lyrics. I, too, enjoyed her in Lackawanna Blues. Peace.

  5. What? People still use Napster? 🙂

  6. Probably not, but, you must remember that I am behind the times. I’m trying desperately to catch up. Then, again, it was my daughter who turned me on to Free Napster. I wanted to hear a song and she directed me to their free spot where you can listen to anything, free of charge. Eventually, I joined and, it works for me – for now. Someday soon I’ll hop on board with the rest of the world. Bear with me. Peace.

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