cell-sony-ericsson-w910i1I have struggled for the longest time with the idea of purchasing the iPhone.  One of the reasons for holding off is that I have never been too thrilled with AT&T ‘s rules as a carrier, although they may have changed their rules by now.  I suppose that their services aren’t the worst case scenario.  I do love the touch screen and the available apps that APPLE has to offer, but, it can only be used on the AT&T network.  After so long a time, Apple has now come up with the 3G version, but, still, I’m disappointed.  It, like its predecessor, lacks one feature that I’ve always wanted: two cameras – one on the back and one on the front.  Why two?  The camera on the front is for “video-calling”.  Imagine not only calling someone on your cellphone, but, actually being able to see them, as well.  Yeah – you can do that with a laptop that is equipped with a webcam, but – not quite the same type of mobility.  I’m talkin’ DICK TRACY innovation.  I’m talkin’ twenty-second century technology today.  I’m talkin’ about catchin’ her nude . . .


This is great stuff!  So, why hasn’t it hit the markets by storm?  I’ll offer up my son as Exhibit A.  Ever since he discovered text messaging about a gazillion years ago, he has abandoned the idea of picking up a phone for anything other than texting.  He NEVER calls unless I was to pick him up, and he’s wondering where I am.  And, of course, for money.   Why bother making a voice call, when you can just “text it”?  He’s hopeless.  So, I went to my brother’s oldest daughter (21) and, excitedly, told her about these fab “smart-phones”.  I asked “Wouldn’t it be great to talk to AND see someone when you make a call?”  Her eyebrows formed that unmistakable look called “You’ve gotta be kidding, right?” , and I knew that, once again, I was barking up the wrong tree.  I guess I’ll just have to blame it on this new generation.

cell-samsung-blackjack2There’s another very valid, very pertinent factor that you may not be aware of.  Remember when SONY first introduced their first video-calling phone?  No?  OK, how about SAMSUNG?  OK – NOKIA is one of the most popular cellphone companies in the world.  Surely you remember when NOKIA introduced their line of video-calling phones, right?  Well, I ‘fess: neither of those companies has (nor have any other companies) ever launched any ad campaign, touting such blatantly ahead-of-its-time-technology.  It’s a pity that they didn’t, as I, for one, think it’s such a great idea.  I’ve come across about fifty or more such phones.  Over and above their non-advertising, the prices of the phones range in price from about $300-800 and above!  Add to that the fact that both ends of the conversation must be equipped with such phones.  Now, we’re talking double the price.

Until those prices come down, and a lot of my friends and family have invested in a “video-calling” smart-phone, I guess I’ll have to settle for less.  There is the GOOGLE G1 over at T-MOBIL.  It has a touch-screen and sells for around $180 (after a deal with T-Mobile) or $550 unlocked (usable with most cell companies).  And, of course, there is the “non-existent” BLACKBERRY STORM from VERIZON that I truly love.  I was having a great deal of fun with “non-existent”, as it was not yet available, even though VERIZON shamelessly put it up for sale anyway.   But, alas, now it hits the stores on 11/21/2008.  As wonderful as they both are, as is the iPHONE – no video-calling.  I guess I’ll have to leave the on-the-fly, peek-a-booing up to Dick Tracy for now.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Gives new meaning to the song “I’d Really Love To See You Tonight” by England Dan & John Ford Coley

5 Responses to “Peek-a-boo!!”

  1. I am sure that someone somewhere is interested in a video phone.

    It could be good for people who watch people on the internet do things like have sex/get naked; you know those porn type sites. A person can take it with them everywhere for an extra 8.99 a minute.

    Okay seriously that would be nice to see the kids or your mate but, other than that no.

  2. Hi Freedom, is there space on a bench for me. I am also text-challenged lol. My sister prefers it, as many of her and my friends do. sigh.

  3. Sharon – This is precisely what I like about the net – different points of view. I always thought “my way is the right way”, but, then, I hear from others, and I see things in a different light. I held that same notion about shows that I hate on TV – not everyone feels the same. Thanks.

    Miriam – I am slowly but surely trying to get into text-ing, but, I’m a long ways off. I knew that it would only be a matter of time. Peace.

  4. For me, texting is a waste of time. I don’t have time to read and respond to texts because I’m driving, or in the store, or at the park or for whatever reason, I can’t stand texting… but of course… everybody wants to text me. My solution, let that mess beep until the person gets the idea & uses speed dial to reach me. 😉

  5. OMG!! Pick up the phone and call!! What a novel idea!

    What is it that makes most folks think that text-ing is better than actually talking to a real, live person? Personally, I find that I get much better results and much more enjoyment when talking as opposed to text-ing. To each their own, I suppose. I do find text-ing to have its place, albeit a small place in this land. I’ll get used to it soon, but, the real live stuff will always be my preference. Peace.

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