Truth in advertising and other such venues

Here at the realm of darkness, there is no deception – if you bring the foolishness, you will be trampled.  NOBODY gets a pass.  As much as I like you – not even you.  How’s that for honesty and openness?  There’s no question as to what one should expect at the realm of darkness.  It’s upfront, it’s truthful, it’s real.  Why can’t the rest of the world have the same attitude?  The portion of the world that irritates me the most is the media.  I HATE the media with a burning passion.  All that they ever do is lie and tell half-truths.  It has gotten so that one can’t believe a word that has been reported.  It has come down to the task of double- and triple-checking everything that you read in order to discern what is truth and what is not.

I love news aggregates.  They gather news stories from different sources and store them in one spot so that you don’t have to go from website to website to see what’s going on.  My absolute favorite is WORLDFLASH.  Its free version gives you a 45-day trial.  The purchased version is even better as it is totally “personalizeable”.  I may hate the media, but, at least I can start at a good location.  In the search for a better one, I stumbled upon something called “Newsies” (no link).  It looked good, so I decided to check it out.  In the process, I spotted one of their news items which read “Oprah having second thoughts about having Palin on show”.  I thought “Say it ain’t so!  Not the great Oprah!”

As you may remember, Palin wanted to be interviewed on Oprah’s show, but, Oprah said not until after the elections were done.  I clicked on the link to read the article and it was about a group who was emphatic about Palin being on the show.  They drafted a letter to Oprah asking her to reconsider.   That’s what the entire story was about.  Nothing more. There was absolutely no comment about Oprah having second thoughts.  The fact of the matter is that the article went on to say “Oprah Winfrey was not available for comment”WTF???!!! That’s just outright dishonest and deceitful!  It’s just an outright lie!

While watching the boob tube, I came across an ad for Dove.  It was selling a bar of soap or cream or some other such product and its claim was that it can make your skin appear smoother than other products in that same category.  They showed a woman who had used the product and a close-up of her skin which was just loverly.  They also show a “depiction” of another woman who had not used the product and her skin looked a hot mess.  Upon further inspection, in extremely small print there was a note: “artistic dramatization”.  In other words, this is not an actual result, but, rather, what some artist put down on paper – his/her interpretation.  Jut plain foolishness.

I was on the PC, watching a TV show that I had missed and up popped an ad for a car company.  I can probably remember the car if I think hard enough, but I don’t think I’ll give them that free advertising.  The ad boasted of all of the features that the car has to offer.  There were safety features, luxury features and a lot of other nice things.  In the corner it said $17,000.  Now, I already have a car and have no need or interest in what cars are available, but, just for the heck of it, I decided to read the disclaimer.  It said “Car shown with available extras”.  It went on to say that the car equipped as shown would cost $35,000!!!  What a sham!  That’s no where near the price that flashes across the screen.  Just plain foolishness.

Now, for the one that disappointed me the most – VERIZON.  For thirty years, VERIZON was my bread and butter.  Not only did they provide me with a paycheck, but, I was proud to be one of their workers as they were, indeed, a reputable company.  Sometimes, a monopoly is not a bad thing.  You want good pizza, go to PIZZA HUT.  You want a nice salad, go to OLIVE GARDEN.  These are the things at which they excel.  For thirty years I advised people that if you want good home telephone service, go to VERIZON.  As a tech, I switched many customers over to other fly-by-night companies only to return to their homes or businesses a few months later to switch them back – the service that they received from the other companies was lousy.

Now, VERIZON has gotten into premium programming, i.e. fiber optic programming.  It offers FIOS as an alternative and better choice to cable and satellite.  The commercial on TV boasts that it has 100 HD programs.  That sounds rather nice, but, what most people miss is the way the statement is spoken.  It says “100 HD programs” in a normal voice, but, after an ever-so-slight pause, and in a softer voice, it goes on to say “coming soon”.  In other words, THEY DO NOT HAVE 100 HD programs!!!!!  That, my friends, is just f*ckery – pure and simple f*ckery!

What’s going to happen if you bring foolishness to my door?  Will I give you a pass?  How about if you’re someone that I happen to like, will I give you a pass?  Expect to feel the wrath.  Expect to be embarrassed.   You KNOW that because I told you so upfront.  It nearly goes without saying that you know what to expect.  That’s because I believe in telling it like it is.  I don’t believe in sugar-coating the truth.   I don’t believe in deceiving people.  The media?  That’s their claim to fame – dishonesty, lies, and deception.  I say present what you have to offer.  If it’s good, I’ll pass the word along.  If it’s bad and  the company didn’t say that it was the greatest thing since high-button shoes, then, I lose, but I won’t trash  them.  On the other hand, if I am deceived, and I get burnt, then, rest assured, I will most certainly pass the word that their product is no good . . . all because I was told a lie.  Peace.

copyright ©  2008 freedom

Appropriately, I re-submit “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer who says “When they own the information, they can bend it all they want”.

Pinocchio photo courtesy of Walt Disney World, Inc.

4 Responses to “Truth in advertising and other such venues”

  1. I tell people all the time to read the fine print. And I tell me children that advertisers fix ads to make things better than they are. They even say it when they watch ads and see things like one day the woman is 400 pounds next picture she is toned to a t . .. yeah right.
    People have to do their own homework on what to buy or not buy.

    Oh and Pizza Hut is not the best place to get pizza. I find their pizza yucky. Processed. I only order from the smaller pizza shops around they have the better pizza. Fresh.
    And that is where I get my jumbo chicken salad. With everything.
    Olive Garden is nice for a date.

  2. If you don’t get up offa Pizza Hut!!! As my son would say “That’s blasphemy!” (then again, we’re dudes and eat whatever). Seriously, though, we all have our own taste bud that we must cater to. The important thing is going to a PIZZA shop for it rather than a BURGER joint.

    My kids are somewhat up on it, as well, but, at times, they need to be reminded. They’ll say something and I won’t answer, but, rather, stare back with a look in my eye that says “You didn’t read the fine print, did you?”. Immediately, they know that they’ve missed something.

    “Caveat emptor” came about long ago (the buyer is solely responsible) but is just as current today as it was back then. I just wish that the sellers would just be truthful about their products. How hard is that? Peace.

  3. The media stays in business because people like the illusion of things. They don’t want the reality. Just look at the reactions to the election. They liked the illusion that a black man was running, but when he got closer & closer they got scared. Freakin’ gun sales are up… gimme a break.

  4. Not this people. This people hates the illusion. The illusion is nothing less than deception and dishonesty. I see the reality of this world and I adapt. I had to adapt to G Dubya, so, tell those people who like the illusion to start adapting to what’s real (He’s in now, baby!). They are definitely a huge part of the problem, but, the media sucks all by itself. Peace.

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