Sista Love!!

Yeah – this one is for the fellas!!  Freedom just loves himself some Williams Sisters!  They are not only beautiful, but, talented beyond compare.  This time around, it’s Serena’s turn to shine.  She won the U.S. Open on Sunday.  Do I get tired of hearing that same old sentence over and over again?  No way.  This counts as her THIRD U.S. Open title, and NINTH Grand Slam title.  The way that she jumped up and down on that court when she won, you would think that it was her first win.  The two sisters pride themselves on their dedication to the sport, and that dedication shines through more than any other sports figures that I can recall.  Serena is now ranked number 1, the first time since 2003.  No matter how many times I see a picture of her holding a trophy, I never get enough.  That goes, as well, for her sister Venus.  It gives me such great pleasure when I hear that the two of them are playing in a tournament against each other, especially when they are the last two in the tournament – we know that the winner will be “Ms Williams”.  That’s my Black people, people!

Now that I’ve shown you her athletic side, allow me to show you her sheer beauty.  The following photo was scanned from a spread in Jane Magazine (date unknown).

WOW!!!  That’s the word that comes to mind – WOW!!  What an awesome bod!  I have seen about a thousand different photos of Ms Serena around the net, each more exhilarating than the last.  By far, this is the most revealing.  Of course there is “the pink dress”.  Have you seen the “pink dress”?  You talk about “sheer” beauty (pun intended!), it doesn’t get much better than the pink dress.  Go ahead – take a peak – you know you want to!  I would have posted it, but, her nipples show through like there was no tomorrow and I didn’t want to offend any of my female readers.  What?  I already did??  So sorry, but, I just could not let that photo go to waste.  I was searching for one in which she was holding her new trophy and this one came up first.  I am such a slag.  Oh well.  You know that Freedom does not care.

Not one to show favoritism, here’s a shot of sexy, older sister, Venus.  I just love myself some Williams Sisters!!!  Kudos, once again!!

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

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6 Responses to “Sista Love!!”

  1. Uh… nice flowers? LOL

    I’m just playing, her body is sick! The photo is becoming of her figure.

  2. i agree with Shae-Shae…her body is SICKENING…and I wish it was mine’s…is it too late to get a refund on my kids?? lol

    hey Freedom! I texted the day after we spoke..and u showed me NO LOVE 😦
    i STILL love you though :p

  3. Shae – Yeah – cool flowers. That’s what I was looking at. The photo does do her justice. In an interview, she stated that she is totally uninhibited about nudity. She related a story about a male athletic friend who who ventured into her hotel room while she was “in the altogether” and how embarrassed he was. She, on the other hand, thought nothing of it. My kinda woman. Peace.

    Bria – You don’t need a refund – you know you “all a dat”! I didn’t ignore you – I didn’t get it. I don’t even have “texting” as a part of my cell service. Since most of my friends text a lot (not to mention that lazy son of mine), I guess I’d better get on the bandwagon. Ig you? Never that! Holla. Peace.

  4. Shae – Slow down! I can’t keep up! You post so quickly, that I’m like d*mn – I’ll never catch up! lol Peace.

  5. My bad… I do type & read pretty fast. LOL Makes for quicker research & posting.

    BTW, if I had a body like hers I wouldn’t have any inhibitions either.

  6. At least when I have time, I always have a site to go to and know that I’m not gonna read something from last month. I’ll be up to date with your site one of these days.

    Stop frontin’ – you know you got Serena beat. Peace.

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