Send In The Clown.

What makes my skin crawl?  Two words:  Wendy Williams.  I hate that wench with a passion!  To me, she is nothing but a rumor monger and a bad one at that.  Yes – today, freedom  has his “hater cap” on.  A few years back, while in the car, with daughter in tow, daughter paused at one station to hear what the female deejay was saying.  After about thirty seconds, I asked “Who is the chick with the raunchy mouth?” Daughter replied “That’s Wendy Williams“.  I immediately responded with the notion that if she (daughter) wanted to live to see her next birthday, she’d better change the station, and quickly.  Furthermore, I said that FOR AS LONG AS YOU RIDE IN MY CAR, DON’T EVER LET ME HEAR THAT WOMAN’S VOICE ON MY RADIO, AGAIN!!” Of course daughter just turned the station and smiled.  She actually dislikes her.  Not to be confused with my own personal HATRED towards the woman.

As much as I despise the clown-makeup-wearing hag, I just had to make this post.  Usually, I try to  avoid giving “press” to those whom I can’t stomach, with the rare exception of politics when one must obligatorily give a mention.  So, why now?  I was at another blog – a well-known blog – and the author was all the rave about The Wendy Williams Show (which has been picked up by FOX – no surprise there – I mean, who else?!) and how in love she was with it, making me even more sick to the stomach with each glorifying word.  She went on to say that the mistakes that Ms Williams makes are part of the appeal (i.e. questioning time remaining, mispronunciation of names, etc).  WTF??!! That type of stupidity adds to its appeal??

OK, I wasn’t going to mention the blog (basically because I haven’t quite gotten the hang of, nor grasped the proper method for using “trackbacks”.  Go ahead – laugh – see if I don’t knock you . . .) , but,  since I am quoting from the site: it’s Racialicious (If you click on the name, it will take you to the full article, if you dare).  Now, don’t get me wrong, as I am not hating on Racialicious.  The fact of the matter is that I frequent the spot, and have much love for them.

There are two other sentences that I need to quote:

“Second, it’s so refreshing how her show completely normalizes queerness among people of color. So many of her audience members, mostly black and Latino, are casually open about their sexuality”.

First of all, what the H*ll is so refreshing about the normalization of queerness?  Secondly, as I remarked in her comment area – Big deal that her audience members are so open about their sexuality.  I’ve been open about my sexuality since I was an awkward teen, and I’ve always been proud of being heterosexual.  So what?

I’m not homophobic in the least.  Now, watch me as I use the very same stereotypical-type phrase which is so often  used by  Caucasians who say they once had an African-American friend:  I have gay friends – well, had.  Seriously, when I was in college there was a Black homosexual couple with whom I was extremely close.  My friends and their friends partied at both hetero- and homosexual clubs and parties.  During that time, as a result of hanging out with them (the couple) I developed quite an entourage of gay couples (both male and female) that I could truly call “friends”.  They are all long gone, as are most of my heterosexual friends that I met in college, but, that is due, in no small part, to the passage of time – I’ll write next week, I’ll call on their birthday, or whatever, only to find that somewhere along the line, addresses and phone numbers have been lost in the shuffle.  My point is that I didn’t just have one gay friend and am trying to use that as proof that I am not homophobic.  My friends are my friends – simple as that.  I don’t get why there is such hype about being homosexual.   So you’re gay!   BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL!!!  The fact that a show appeals to a particular group of people does not make it a wonderful show to watch.  In the end, it’s just a pitiful waste of time that can never be regained and its host is still a hag of monumental proportion.

Go right ahead and say that I’m just an old fogey and that I just don’t know what good, clean entertainment is.  I admit that I am not in touch with the pulse of today’s youth and its likes and dislikes.  So often I am at odds with my children for the remarks that they make regarding what they thought was funny or what movie is a “must see”.  I know why:  I’m old.

So be it.  I know that I am old.  When it has all been said and done, I will still be old.  Unlike Wendy Williams, who will still be a clown-makeup-wearing hag who doesn’t even realize that she is what she is.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

8 Responses to “Send In The Clown.”

  1. Every show has an audience. I’m not a fan of Wendy’s or her show, but I’d like to have her audience numbers… just not at that cost. 😉

  2. I guess it’s a matter of what price we are willing to pay for fame and fortune. She has shown her true colors in years past with her outrageousness. Some people are willing do whatever it takes. We have to deal with what the networks air, and I truly believe that the shows that are still on the air are not there because the people love them so much, but, rather, because we have no control as to what is aired. I have seen so many downright stupid shows and just wonder what are they thinking? But, hey, that’s just me. I imagine that her audience numbers are through the roof. Peace.

  3. ((HEY SHAE)) love u babygirl!!

    Hey Freedom! I love your blogging’s like my brother’s at Look At This’re just the censored version!! lol

    I must agree with you…i don’t like Wendy Williams’ style, and I think it’s shameful the only way a black person can attain a reasonable amount of success is thru buffoonery. Yes she does have a serious plastic surgery addiction, and yes she has enuf hair to be-wig 10 cancer patients, and yes she looks eerily like that of a man…having said that, Wendy did not make herself famous.

    Do you know how many drag queens are traipsing around Detroit, waiting to be discovered by an agent or better yet by a sugar-daddy?
    The sad truth is…OUR COMMUNITY has blown this foolishness up. We frown our noses at anything of class/quality and embrace stupidity. Then when people outside of our community comments on our stupidity..we want to cry racism?

    why? when it’s our community who’s guilty of self-hatred?? We accept substandard and reject whatever it is that makes us look like a decent amount of sense.

    I hope to never understand why black people embrace trash.

    Call me later (Shae & Freedom)
    -Bria 🙂

  4. It’s sad that our people degrade themselves and each other and cry “foul” when it’s done by Caucasians. It brings me back, once again, to the comments made by Kanye West which no one seems to think is despicable. But, if the “White Man” had said it, a riot would have ensued.

    I’ve checked out “One Man;s Opinion” on several occasions, and he is definitely off the hook. He’s sometimes unbridled and I enjoy his pieces. I guess that puts me in great company, so, thanks. And thanks for dropping by. The conversation was music to my ears, and I look forward to more of the same. Peace.

  5. I won’t say that Wendy Williams goes as far as – let’s say – minstrelsy. But the nonsensical-at-any-cost nature of her media platform definitely creates a black eye for legitimate, saavy, and socially conscious black journalists who have to scrap for so much as an ounce of validation.

    I don’t know why people waste their time with her.

  6. I remember a few years back when she was at the Oscars (I rarely watch, don’t know what made me watch that night) and just about everybody that she tried to interview dissed her and walked past without acknowledging her presence. Who could ever take her seriously? Yes, it makes it hard for the real journalists to be taken seriously, as well. Peace.

  7. LOL I’d walk past her too. Or throw her -ish back at her… “Wendy are you still smoking that yay and sleeping with little project boys to get for free? How you doin?” 😉

  8. She truly does look like and act like a clown to me. Really. What is her problem? Peace.

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