still on the fence. WHY???!!!

Unbelievable.  Two days and I am still appearing as the angry Black man.  Why do you make me this way?  It’s all over the net and as long as it has been going on, I am still perplexed with each passing day.  Earlier this year, there was a slew of candidates to choose from as the nominee for the office of president of the United States.  Now, just a few short months before the national elections, the situation has not changed very much:  there are some Black folks who are still in the “contemplation stage” regarding their vote in the upcoming elections.  I take comfort in the fact that in MY neighborhood, that IS NOT the case.

Earlier this year, I could almost see one’s point of indecision.  Notice that I say “almost”.  For me, I decided to vote for Barack Obama a month or two before he threw his hat into the ring.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  Still, I have given my people the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they saw something that  I didn’t see.  It’s now August and the slew is gone.  There are but two viable candidates:  John McCain and Barack Obama.  It should be back to a no-brainer, but, this time, not just for me but for all of my people.  Alas – it is not.  WTF??? Here are your two choices:

John McCain, a Caucasian, Republican a$$hole who could not care less about our people or anybody other than himself.

Barack Obama, a “somewhat” Black, Democrat, as yet unproven, but charismatic and promising at the very least.

That’s it.  There are no more candidates who will be able to win the election this November.  One of the two aforementioned candidates will be the president of the United States come January, 2009.  Not “might” – but “will” be, provided that nothing keeps them from remaining in the race.  Like it or not, that’s the way it is, and it is no other way.  What the f*ck is there to even think about???!!!

Sure – the fact that a “somewhat” Black man is in the running is no assurance that if elected he will do some good for my people.  We have witnessed Kwame Kilpatrick in Detroit breaking the hearts of all the Black people who put him into office.  We have Marion Berry smoking crack in the mayor’s chambers in Washington, D.C.  We even RE-ELECTED him after he was called to the carpet for his mind-expanding activities!  Yet, today we have what looks like a “good guy” who is, at the very least, “akin to my people’s skin” and some of them are still undecided as to whom they will support.  People, please!  An a$$hole named McCain who could not care less about your Black a$$, or a “somewhat” Black man named Obama. This IS NOT rocket science!! Get a f*cking life and for once, do what you know is right.  What the H*ll is your problem???!!!  Do you actually think that McLame really has some plan to relieve us of the pain and suffering that we are all dealing with?  Do you honestly think that we need eight more years of Republican leadership reign terrorism?

OK – so I’m just an angry Black man, but I still say “Get the H*ll off of the fence and stand on your own two feet!

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

7 Responses to “still on the fence. WHY???!!!”

  1. Obama is running for office of the whole United States not just for black people.
    And why is he “somewhat” black?
    Please tell me what the standard is to have a black card.

  2. The reason I vote is to make a difference. That’s why I vote for my Governors & Senators as well as the presidential elections. I need things to be corrected in my neighborhood first, then with the whole country. People are ‘on the fence’ probably because they don’t vote often. If they did they’d be out campaigning for change too.

  3. “Somewhat Black” because it should save time. Basically it means that he is part Black and part other, in this case, other being Caucasian. Usually if one says “He’s Black”, a great debate ensues, then time to explain oneself, then if that area finally is satisfied, perhaps one can move on to the real point that was being made in the first place. I prefer “akin to my skin”.

    The standard for having a Black card? I suppose that depends on the one you ask. I say acknowledgment that there is something in your ancestry that says you and your ancestors hail from Africa at some point in time. Of course that’s just to satisfy those who have a need to be so clear as not to get caught up in semantics. By putting voice to definitions, we then lock ourselves in to be later criticized by “But, you said”.

    Not being politically correct, nor really giving a d*mn, I simply say Black, White, Mixed-heritage, Asian, Indian, etc. I don’t play semantics – I just call ’em as I see ’em.

    Not sure that I quite get “running for the office of the whole . . .” If you meant for people of all color, then, I agree. I guess that if it’s in reference to it not being rocket science when it comes to Black people making a decision as for whom they will vote, then, it’s re-iterated – NOT ROCKET SCIENCE – pick one!! That’s for my Black people. For others being elderly and economically oppressed – DITTO!! McCain has NOTHING for you!! For all others, McCain may be the one for you. In that case, sit as long as you like.

    Interesting that you (Shae) mentioned voting for Governors and Senators because it has always been my thought that if we elect good, qualified people at the local levels and prime them for the “really big” job, then color would never come into play – it would be a simple matter of choosing the BETTER candidate. As it stands today, we need to give special consideration to voting by race (after credentials fail) as there are few other folks out there who actually care about us to begin with.

    Now, I gave the benefit of the doubt to those of us who didn’t choose earlier because perhaps they saw something that I skipped over, or because there were so many viable candidates. However, not being used to voting, I can see, but, even given that, even given the notion that one had one’s head in the sand for a few years – I’ll even go so far as saying not knowing anything whatsoever about either candidate (as a result of not voting)it becomes a matter of looking at the two candidates just one time and making a choice. Basically, no pass for the “non-voters”.

    All candidates make an appeal to the people during the primaries. If you want the Hispanic vote, you promise reform to the immigration laws. If you want the Hillbilly vote from West Virginia, you promise employment. Most Black folk that I speak with say that Obama should be mute as to what he promises to Black people. I say that I am a voter like everyone else and that I should be wooed, as well. What say you, my people? Peace.

  4. Well, I’m going to review all of the candidates and not feel i’m only relegated to vote for 1 of 2. Depending on what happens with the archaic, obsolete electoral college will determine if I ever will vote again.

  5. I’ll give you the point that you can vote for someone other than the two front runners, but, that simply means voting for someone who will not win. That basically means a wasted vote. It means a vote that could have gone to “help the cause” now goes to someone who cannot win. You can vote for another candidate on the ballot and split the votes that could have brought about a victory had it not been used on a person who no chance of winning. Any candidates on the ballot at this time other than McCain or Obama serve only one purpose and that is to split the vote, causing one or the other to miss the majority mark.

    The electoral college is outdated and is asinine and inane, but, when it’s all been said and done, it really rests with them. Until that antiquated system is abolished, we can only hope that they will do the right thing. By choosing to no longer vote, however, we lose without a doubt. By continuing to cast our votes we will eventually get someone into office who is worth the effort. By not voting, it will never happen. By voting, we can abolish the electoral college. Peace.

  6. Freedom, I will disagree with you. A wasted vote, is a vote not used…not a vote who’s candidate didn’t win. My vote for either of the frontrunners still doesn’t guarantee my choice will win. Whether my candidate wins or lose isn’t the point. Believing enough that I think particular candidate is capable of serving in the white house is all about choice. Thank goodness i have the choice to vote for the minority-even if they do lose-then acquiescing to the pressure of voting for the minority. My vote says I believe you can bring change to the white house…whether or not u make ito to the white house is a horse of another color. my casting of a vote simply says i have faith in their capacity of president.

    and if the electoral votes decides who the president is, and it’s contrary to the popular vote…why would I continue voting?
    If I know for a fact the lottery is controlled and not random…why would I continue to play the lottery?

    Our forefathers fought for our right to vote…not the right to only vote for the winner.
    peace :p

  7. I didn’t say it publicly, but, I have made my last effort at convincing others to vote properly. But – one more try – just for you:

    Let’s use some easy, round numbers like “millions”. Say one votes for Independent Mary Whoever, and she gets a total of 5 million votes.

    McCain get a total of 20 million votes.

    Obama gets a total of 17 million votes.

    The Independent had no chance to win to begin with. Those votes could have gone to Obama instead, giving him 22 million votes, which would beat out McCain’s 20 million votes. Even if you don’t like Obama, even if, Independent Whoever has the best ideas for a better America, we would be left with 4-8 more years of GDubya ala McCain because that independent can’t win.

    Why? Simply because as it stands today, the only candidates who have any chance of winning in a national election such as this are the Democrat and the Republicans. Through our efforts of voting in good candidates at the local level and priming them for the big positions, we can forget about who’s Black, Republican, or any other category. The party lines will be broken. UNTIL SUCH TIME, it is what it is: Republican or Democrat.

    Therefore, it is truly a wasted vote, as it goes to someone who has absolutely no chance of winning in the first place and we end up right back where we started from.

    Believing that a candidate is capable doesn’t make them a winner. Having “faith in their capacity of president” does not get them in. It does not bring about that proposed “change to the White House” that you speak of. Considering the fact that McCain would be the clear winner in your scenario, it’s pretty much like cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, i.e. voting for a candidate JUST because they are not the front-runners. They happen to be “front runners” for a reason.

    As for the electoral college, if we get the right people into the White House, then, perhaps we can eliminate that antiquated system. Even if we keep it, if we get the right people in place to vote as the constituents wish, then it’s neither here nor there. We state who we want, they vote them in. If you stop voting, that will never come to be.

    As for “our forefathers”, things went awry, changing “our right to vote” to “our right to vote for a winner”.

    There you have it – my final attempt at persuasion, and if anybody asks, tell ’em you heard it here. Peace.

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