Day 12 (Blade Runner)

In June of 1982, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece was released in theaters:  Blade Runner.  Between that time and now, the total number of versions has grown to three (3).  There is the theatrical release, the Director’s Cut, and the Final Cut.  I have seen the original about three times, and the Director’s cut about fifteen times.  I have yet to see the Final Cut.  There were actually seven (7) different versions created for different theater settings, but, only three that can be found on disc.  Blade Runner is, by far, my choice as favorite movie of ALL time! To say that I love this movie goes so far beyond understatement.

This is the story:  In the future, man has gotten so good at genetics that practically everything that one can buy, has been duplicated, particularly live things such as animals, reptiles, and, yes – humans.  Science has has come up with “close to perfect” copies of human beings, called “replicants”.  These replicants are uniquely different than the other types of copies – they have an extremely finite lifespan of four (4) years. Their lifespan is so short that they are infused with memories, so that they believe that they’ve been around for quite some time.  The problem is that some of these replicants (clearly more intelligent than true humans) are not satisfied with their finite lifespan, and seek answers, or more precisely, seek the answer to further longevity.  They escape the planet that they were assigned to and come to Earth.  Enter the Blade Runner.

A “Blade Runner” is a highly trained policeman who is very adept at locating and killing these replicants.  Replicants are not allowed on Earth, therefore, upon their illegal return, a Blade Runner is sent to “round” them up, as in “kill”.  After two other Blade Runners have failed in their attempts to kill the replicants, Rick Decker is called in.  Decker (played magnanimously by Harrison Ford) is the proverbial “reluctant hero”, who happens to be better than all the rest.  He therefore, reluctantly tracks these replicants, learning more in the process than he had bargained for.

I’ll stop there, in the event that you have not seen this fantastic movie, so as not to spoil it for you.  If you are, even in the very least sense, a Sci-Fi fan, this movie will definitely rank high up on your list of favorites, as goes Sci-Fi.  The adventure of the movie is awesome, but, to me, the characters that were written for this movie are absolutely top-rate.  Each is uniquely different than any characters that you may have come across in the past.

Although this movie was made a long time ago, it is still as vibrant, weird, and mind-blowing as it was when it first came out.  That weekend in 1982.  That day that it came out when I was there in the audience.  Yeah – it’s still as wonderful as that day after all this time.

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Flava of the Day is “SHOOP” by Salt N Pepa


4 Responses to “Day 12 (Blade Runner)”

  1. I haven’t seen that movie since I was a little girl.
    Funny thing, I have been thinking about looking for it to watch it again. I remember it was good.
    I can still remember many of the scenes. I think it scared me some.

  2. I imagine that it may have scared you a bit. I still “gasp” at certain scenes. It’s definitely worth another look. Peace.

  3. Just watched Blade Runner once again and was stunned when I saw Rick Deckard (30:55) using an iPhone controlling his apartment elevator… WTF?

    Judge for yourself:

  4. I will certainly check that out. I only have the Director’s Cut, and I hope it is on that version. Thanks for bringing out that point. And I thought I knew everything there was to be known about my favorite movie. Ha! Peace.

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