Day 11 (Comment Moderation)

I am a bit perturbed. My irritation comes at some of the sites that I have visited that have “comment moderation”, as it were.  I’m annoyed because I have often come across posts which were, to say the least, very interesting in topic.  I have gotten my thoughts together and decided to leave a comment voicing my opinion on the subject.  But, as I hit the “submit button”, I find that the comments are being moderated and I will have to 1) wait to see if my comment will be posted, 2) wait to see if it will be posted in full or edited, and 3) probably forget where I left the remark in the first place.  By the time I get back to that particular page, I usually find that my comment was posted, either in full or edited, and several comments have been made after that time.  This is three or four days later.

The procedure is particularly annoying when one is involved in a “hot topic” and there is a need for interaction.  I have no problem with a person having different views than those which I take.  I enjoy hearing what other people have to say.  The fact is that I have always been enamored with the idea of the “debate”.  It is difficult to carry on debate, however, when one cannot get to the arena within which it is being held.

Make no mistake – there is no moderation on this site.  If you have something to say, feel free to say it without fear of it being held for moderation or fear of it being edited.  If your comments are filled with hate or racially discriminatory, yes – they will be deleted.  If it contains pornography – the comments will be deleted.  Other than that, say what you will, and it will be posted, as is.  I am new to this particular blog world.  I have blogged elsewhere, but, this atmosphere allows me to let loose – a lot better than other places that I have blogged.  Being new, please let me know if I am being unknowingly naive.  There may be some very legitimate reasons for moderating comments, of which I am not aware.  One such reason that I have heard is that the owner of the site had been “harassed”.  Didn’t buy that one.  I say “see a comment. hate it. delete. done”.  I just don’t understand that one can be held captive by some idiot who has no control over what YOU allow on YOUR site.  But, hey, that’s just me.

Freedom says drop it on me and let’s debate.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Flava of the Day is “One Wish” by Hiroshima

4 Responses to “Day 11 (Comment Moderation)”

  1. I used this function for about a month after receiving several spam messages that took up pages at at time. I found that during those few weeks my readers left less & less comments. Once the spam stopped I turned the feature back off. I can understand your frustration. It was an annoying feature.

  2. freedom Says:

    That was the one thing that I thought would be the biggest reason for using the “moderation” mode. Annoying it is, but, I sup[pose it serves its purpose. Thanks for the input. Peace.

  3. Some blogs now have the feature where you can follow comments from a particular post. I guess that still doesn’t matter if a person has their blog set on comment moderation. I see you are keeping up with your 30 day blog posting. I didn’t even try it–I know I couldn’t keep up!

  4. I’ve used that for exactly the blog I was speaking of. It was annoying as well, but a lot easier to keep track of where comments were left and it was faster than just sitting here. No prob. Thanks for the tip.

    I am struggling to keep it up for thirty days, but . . . I . . . . don’t . . . know?!! Actually, it a lot easier than you think. Go ahead and take the plunge and I’ll be sure to read each and every one. Peace.

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