Day 10 (I Just Don’t Know)


Did your bff say “Oh, you look GOOOOD, sweetie!”?  Or did you take the ill-given advice of some crazed fashionista?  Or is it that you just don’t care?  A woman wearing a sexy top and letting her bra straps show, is just not sexy.  This is for the heterosexual women only:  You get dressed to go out.  You’ve looked in the mirror and said “Oh, I’m just so cute”, and you head out the door.  What was that all for?  Was it to let the fashionista believe that she guessed the next fashion statement correctly?  Probably not.  My guess is that you dressed in a sexy manner to look good for that hunk that just might be walking the streets at the same time as you.  Yeah – that’s why.  So take it from one of those “hunks” that you supposedly dressed for – the straps peeking through IS NOT SEXY!  Knock it off, will ya?  Not to worry, though.  There are some options, two in fact.  Keep the bra on and wear another type of top that actually covers the bra.  Or (and this is my personal favorite), keep the sexy top on and take the bra off.  Keep the sexy top on and take the bra off.  Keep the sexy . . .


Marshall Mathers didn’t start the trend with his video, because I saw white tees and denim way before the video debuted.  I realize that it is this generation’s fashion statement.  Throw in a hoodie, and you’re dressed to  the “T’s”.  I don’t even dislike the style, I mean, it’s OK.  I don’t get that everybody is walking around with the exact same outfit on.  There is absolutely no individuality in dress.  That’s  OK, too, if that’s what you like.  I know that when I was in my teens and early twenties, me and my friends wore all kinds of clothing, and it was to buck the system, to be so different that they’d be scratching their heads in wonder.  It worked.  Saggy pants are working, too, but, that’s another story altogether.  I was just wondering if anyone knew how the “white tees and denim” fashion trend started.  My guess is probably some particular music video that was all the craze at the time.  I’m not sure, but, perhaps you know.


Speaking of music videos, I will venture to say that this, too, came from a music video: WTH makes guys (and I guess women, as well) think that it is cool to ride around in a Crown Victoria, looking like a cab driver or a plain-clothed policeman?  Everywhere I go, in my neighborhood, I can’t get to my destination without seeing three or four Crown Victorias along the way.  Who said that this was a cool car?  Music videos have an extreme strangle-hold on today’s youth, and something tells me that I’m right – some video featured a “hero/villain” who was just oh, so cool driving through the streets in this bogus status symbol.  BTW – most of the ones that I see are parked on the side of the street, awaiting their ticket from a policeman.

Well, I asked my daughter and son what they say when someone has been “outdone” on the dancefloor.  Duh?!  Why didn’t I ask them to begin with?  Anyway, previously, I ask that question of my readers, but, now I know.  My kids say that the phrases is “You got served”, or “You got owned”.  Cool.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

Flava of the Day is Mo’ Better Blues by The Brandford Marsalis Quintet


2 Responses to “Day 10 (I Just Don’t Know)”

  1. OMG you know them dag on Crown Vics are a mess. I noticed they are on the road all the time now but only OOOOLLLLDDDD people are driving them. I guess it’s a 1972 luxury car. I see’em all the time and think, “He/She must have been DT back in the day.” LOL

  2. freedom Says:

    Are you kiddin’?! In Philly, it’s the young thugs who drive these things! That’s why I was asking whether the idea came from a music video or not. They ride those things like they were Benz’s or something. And, I kid you not – most of them that I see get stopped by the police before they leave my eyesight. It basically says “Stop me, please because I am a thug with drugs in my car”. Kinda takes the place of a red sports car from back in the day.

    You said something the other day on somebody’s site about our ghetto folk and for the life of me, I can’t find it. I will certainly let you know when I find it. Stay humorous, in the meantime.

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