The Great Gas-Out (July 2008)

Freedom has friends.  Would not have believed that one, would ya?  Well, I do.

Missy, C C Gill, Sienna Soul, and blackstarr started The Great Gas-Out, a boycott against the oil corporations.  Please join them and myself as we show the oil corporations that we have the economic power to shut them down.  Freedom says peace.

Please give a click:   The Renaissance For The New Millennium

Flava of the Day that I’m feeling is “Harlem Nocturne”, by Michael Lington.  Yeah!


2 Responses to “The Great Gas-Out (July 2008)”

  1. like i said im down folk

  2. freedom Says:

    Like a few folks have said about you before – you’re sometimes hard to decipher, but, in the end, I get it all the times. Great spot you’ve got there. Peace.

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