Day 1 (all that bull)

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have obsessed about dying.  I ended my obsession long ago.  I already know that I will go one of two ways:  if old age doesn’t get me, a Black woman will be the death of me.  I got an e-mail yesterday from some ole sweet thang saying “Freedom, I love ya, but, the “lower-case” bullsh*t has got to stop!  Now!  I can’t tell where one sentence ends and another begins.  Cease and desist!” What the . . . ?  Freedom does what Freedom wants to do!  I got my own style.  But, alas, here I am with the capitals and such.  Old age or a Black woman.  One or the other – that’s how I’m going out.

I just joined NaBloPoMo the other day.  For the uninitiated, that’s an acronym for National Blog Posting Month.  It’s a site dedicated to helping bloggers get into the habit of posting on a regular basis.  The idea is to make a post each and every day for one month – without skipping a day.  The only problem with it is that I am not too fond of the topics that they list.  Each month has a specific topic that each blogger is to post about for that given month.  Looking at the previous topics and the current one as well, it ain’t gonna happen!  Freedom don’t roll like that.  Freedom writes about whatever is on his mind at the time.  Therefore, in an effort to kickstart this blog, I will attempt to make a post every day, right here, from today until August 9th, 2008.  Yes – this post counts as day one.  You didn’t really think that I would let all of these good words go to waste, now did you?  So as not to infringe, I have decided to call it “Blog marathon”.

Don’t send me no more e-mails tellin’ me what to do!  That goes especially for you Black women out there.  You know that I can’t resist your demands.  If you should come across a topic that you think would start a good discussion, by all means feel free to let me know.  That doesn’t mean that I will necessarily take you up on your suggestion, but, at least, I will give it some consideration.  Why?  Because you know Freedom don’t take orders from nobody!  Well . . . nobody but a Black woman.  Peace.

copyright  ©  2008  freedom

5 Responses to “Day 1 (all that bull)”

  1. Freedom does what Freedom wants—and that is why I keep reading your blog! Looking forward to the month long blog marathon! Thanks for the comments on my last post–I needed to be reminded of that.

  2. Dude, with all the fouls the Bush Administration keeps pulling, I don’t see how you can be short on material. You’ll have enough fodder to keep you feasting for the next ten years.

  3. I’m glad you love black women!!

  4. First time through.
    If you blog everyday I will keep coming by. I noticed your posts are not regular.
    So, I’m sending an email to remind you. (smile)

  5. Ms HM:

    I’m so glad that you stopped by and plan to return. I believe that I gave you good, solid advice, but, please keep in mind that I am twice divorced – hardly qualified. On the other hand, one doesn’t have to be good at something to understand how it should work. Please come back, as I certainly enjoyed my visit to your part of this huge piece of cyber-space.


    Ain’t it the truth! I certainly intend to put G Dubya in the spotlight along with his cronies. Politics, and the debates that ensue, are part of the reason that I blog, therefore, rest assured that the outgoing admin will have their day in freedom’s court . . . and soon.


    My love for Black women far exceeds anything that you’ve ever heard. My other “job” is writing poetry. One of my longest poems that I’ve ever written is about my love for the Black woman and her beauty that rules this soul. Will you return? I can only hope.


    I do intend to blog each and everyday, so, I hope to feel your presence. I’ve only been irregular because my kids are home from college for the summer, and only one modem is operational (and it’s NOT a router), leaving me scrambling for PC time. That’s history, though and it’s full steam ahead, now. Don’t you dare send . . . .

    freedom says peace to all and thanks for dropping by. I will most certainly be around to partake of the knowledge, challenges, and humor that you drop on your pages. Peace.

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